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Professional language translation services for the private and public sectors.
Our global linguists natively speak the language of your customers.

Open up a world of possibilities through translation services.

The local voice of international organisations

Every year, we help thousands of businesses translate their messages to reach global audiences.
These businesses trust our speed, accuracy and the quality of every result.
Here’s just a sample of the people we are currently working with:

Accord Healthcare Translation
Translation Services for Airbus
Translation and transcription services for the British Army
Localisation and translation for ebay
Government and Home Office Translation Services
Retail Translation Service for M&S
Translation and Localisation services for Tesco
Accessibility and Translation Services for TfL

Fluently Speak the Languages of the World

Deliver your global communication strategy with confidence.

Increase your international sales potential. Communicate naturally in the mother language of all your customers.

Integrate your content creation process with our translation services to save time and money across your whole organisation.

Certified secure by the British Standards Institute, accrediting the company and all our systems with ISO 27001.

Only professionally qualified, subject specific linguistic experts will ever work on your translations.

Translate your Content

and open up a world of possibility.

There are billions of people in the world speaking thousands of languages. Some of them will be your future customers. More of them could be. We understand that it can be confusing and you may need some help.

Did You Know: Translating your content into just 13 languages makes you understood by 90% of the world’s consumers?

Talk to prospects in their own language and you’ll stay light years ahead of your competition.

Our localisation experts are here to assist you with every step of your globalisation journey. Our service can be integrated into the content creation process. Our management software helps you deliver language-based projects across your enterprise, controlling costs and language assets along the way.

Think of us as your in-house translation department. Your gateway to a global team of thousands of mother tongue language translation professionals… your own corporate linguistics team, on-call and at-the-ready.

We want your audience to hear your voice, naturally, in their own language. Anywhere on any medium.

As a company, we’re friendly, innovative, technically driven and experts in global language applications.

Together, our team of linguists and engineers wants to challenge and improve upon how you communicate your message around the world. We are excited about developing new systems and showing you the best possible methodologies to localise your content for success in any global region. Let us help you see, and take control of your global possibilities. We help you reach more people with your messages.

Thinking of going multilingual with your content? Read this guide first

Our free eBook will help you to deliver the best website experience for a growing international audience. In it you’ll find case studies, tips and beneficial information that will guard you against some of the common pitfalls associated with website localisation.

How to create content for an International Audience

Translation Services

Bespoke language translation solutions to help you lead your industry.

Medical Translation

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, medical device manufacturers, biotech companies and healthcare managers all rely on our Medical Translation Services to open up new markets.

Legal Translation

Legal Translation Service

Our certified Legal Translation Service is regularly relied on in court. We support a range of clients with legal translations including solicitors, lawyers, courts, police departments or officers, individuals, private companies and public corporations.

Retail Translation

Retail Translation Services

We are supporting some of the world’s largest retailers with our Retail Translation Service. We help you to localise all of your best selling products, keeping you legally compliant. Our retail solutions give you competitive advantage in any global market.

Government Translation Services

We run an independently accredited, secure Government Translation Service specifically developed for the UK Public Sector. Part of an OJEU compliant pan-Government agreement, sponsored and administered by the Crown Commercial Service.


Interpreting helps two or more people without a common language to communicate instantly. Different types exist, including, simultaneous interpreting, telephone interpreting, British Sign Language Interpreting and conference interpreting.


Adhere to all government regulations and reach more users by including accessibility services in your company’s communication policies. These include braille translation, easyread and large print services.

Website Translation Services

Website Translation Service

You can reach 3.2 Billion international internet users by translating your website into their language. Develop a Multilingual SEO strategy to maximise your potential and appear higher in the search engines.

Create Multi-language Artwork

Multilingual DTP Services

Creative multi-language design services deliver consistent designs across all media outlets and regions, no matter which language or native format you are working with.


Multilingual Transcription Services transcribes any audio format into the written word. Including cassette tapes, CDs, MP3s and video files.

What our clients say about us

K International have delivered a very professional service within very short deadlines for us for a few years now, the project management team is always on hand to help with any tasks or requests we have. They are extremely adaptable and helpful! We look forward to working with you again in the future.

LMC Design
LMC DesignAccount Manager

K International have been a pleasure to work alongside and are always happy to help and deal with any queries that may arise. By having a dedicated account manager it means you always have a point of contact rather than having to go through a sales team. This allows for a great working relationship between you and K International. We have always received good service from K International. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner.

NHS Foundation Trust
NHS Foundation TrustDorset County Hospital

No matter if it’s a long or short translation. K International always gives us the best service and with very short timings!

Thanks for your hard work K International!

Hotels Viva
Hotels VivaAccount Manager

At the Open University, we work with partners across the globe to produce world-class learning materials in many different languages. Working with K International has been a pleasure because the team are always very quick to respond to our, often rapid, demands. We would highly recommend their services and look forward to a long working relationship with them.

The Open University
The Open UniversityProject Coordinator

I work for an international company that produces games and toys for children of various ranges: Scientific, creative, electronic and educational.

We have been cooperating with K International for almost two years and we found their work exceptional considering that we assigned them translations over different fields within the wide world of Toys. They’ve always been very receptive and ready to take on our requirements. They have always respected our needs and our deadlines, providing a very effective and trustworthy service. As far as I’m concerned professionalism and competence are the most important qualities for those who manage translation and they have both in abundance.

ClementoniProduct Manager

K International’s work-flow allows seamless processing of our Artwork and Instruction Manuals. The team are a pleasure to work with and are always on the front foot with innovations. I look forward to continuing our strategic partnership with K International.

TescoProject Lead


Your flexible solution for managing translation projects

Tracklingua helps your team to launch, track & deploy translation projects directly from any internet enabled device. A cloud-based solution, it requires no software to be installed and can be accessed anywhere. It runs on tablets and phones just as solidly as it does on a desktop or laptop. Trusted by governments and global corporations, Tracklingua delivers a secure, user-friendly and cost effective way to manage your language projects.

Tracklingua recently saved a major high-street retailer more than 90% on their total language spend. By centralising the client’s language assets, translation memories, terminology lists and tracker sheets, Tracklingua empowered the use of these resources across the whole company.

At the same time, efficiency in validation improved and the client was able to reduce the critical path for product production by 33%.  Tracklingua provided real value to the customer by speeding up their time to market.

K International are proud members of the following organisations:

Crown Commercial Service     Globalization and Localization Association Member     European Language Industry Association MemberAssociation of Language Companies Member   Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce      Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce

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