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The key to a successful business is effective communication with your customers. Translation, localisation and accessibility options allow you to engage and attract customers around the world. Don’t limit yourself to a domestic audience when there’s a whole world of opportunity out there.

Giving International Organisations
a Local Voice

Helping businesses of all sizes reach international audiences through great translation.
Here’s just a few of the organisations that have benefited from our expertise:

Accord Healthcare Translation
Translation Services for Airbus
Translation and transcription services for the British Army
Localisation and translation for ebay
Government and Home Office Translation Services
Retail Translation Service for M&S
Translation and Localisation services for Tesco
Accessibility and Translation Services for TfL

Open up a whole world of opportunity
by translating your content

There are billions of people around the world speaking thousands of different languages. Some of them will be your future customers. More of them could be. We understand that it can be confusing and you may need some help, that’s what we’re here for.

Translating your information into just 13 languages allows you to reach 90% of the world’s consumers!

We translate into more than 250 languages, using the links below you can find out more about our 10 most popular.
If the language you are looking for isn’t listed here don’t worry,  just head over to our translation page and get in touch.

Talk your customer’s language

Our localisation experts help you through the process of gearing your content to an international audience. Our services are easily integrated into the way you already generate your content, so you don’t need to worry about complex language management and admin. Our online portal, Tracklingua, helps you deliver large language-based projects across your business, controlling costs and language assets at the same time.

Making translation a simple, effective process

You can think of us as your very own in-house translation department, putting a global team of mother tongue language translation professionals at your fingertips… your own corporate linguistics team, on-call, easy to use and ready to help.

We want your audience to hear your voice, naturally, in their own language.
Anywhere and in any medium.

Linguistic consultancy with a long history of proven success

As a company, we’re friendly, innovative, technically driven and have a proven ability to deliver exceptional language services. Together, our team of linguists and engineers want to help you communicate your message to audiences around the world.

We provide flexible systems to ensure working with us is as easy for you as possible. We advise you of the best possible ways of translating your content to deliver success in any global region. Let us help you see and take control of, your international opportunities.

“The team at K International always deliver a professional and efficient document translation service to the highest of standards.
It is reassuring to know that they are only a call or email away. This is a truly professional, friendly and fast service which we can rely on for last minute translations.”

Commercial Editor, Ordnance Survey International

Ordnance Survey translation testimonial

“K International have played an integral role in our requirements for translations. Our ability to create POS for several different CE countries has enabled us to deliver a fast and accurate service to our clients.”

Account Manager at Blackdog Marketing Communications

Blackdog Marketing Communications

“Quickly we realised K International offered much more than simply translation. Within a couple of weeks of deploying Tracklingua, we had a fully functioning online database, with an easy to use translation search function and a customised process for requesting & delivering new translations”

Head of clothing at F&F

F&F translation testimonial

Instant fluency in any language

Deliver your message accurately and effectively around the world

Professional, qualified, linguistic experts with subject specific experience work on every single translation.

Start building an international audience. Communicate fluently in the language of your customers.

Save your organisation time and money by adding our easy to use language services to your content creation process.

High quality, secure translations accredited by Independent organisations ISOQAR and the British Standards Institute.

K International are an established UK language service provider based in Milton Keynes. In business since 1986 and now serving many of the world’s largest companies as well as multiple departments within UK Government. Our team of bilingual project managers, art workers, linguists and account managers are here to help you deliver proven linguistic quality every time, you can find out more about our background in translation here…

  • Katarina Panackova

    International Retail Consultant

    Katarina Panackova Translation Manager
  • Charlie Jolly

    Workflow Specialist

    Translation Technology Services Charlie Jolly
  • Maria Calatayud

    Public Sector Language Consultant

    Maria Calatayud Government Translation Leader
  • Angela Madrid

    CAT Tool Specialist

    Angela Madrid Localisation Manager
  • Richard Brooks

    Chief Executive

  • Sam Kubiak

    Business Development Director

    Sam Kubiak Translation service Sales Manager
  • Sajeda Al-Nashash

    Arabic Language Specialist

Translation & Language Services

Bespoke language translation solutions to help you lead your industry.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, medical device manufacturers, biotech companies and healthcare managers all rely on our Medical Translation Services to open up new markets.

Legal Translation Service

Our certified Legal Translation Service is regularly relied on in court. We support a range of clients with legal translations including solicitors, lawyers, courts, police departments or officers, individuals, private companies and public corporations.

Retail Translation Services

We are supporting some of the world’s largest retailers with our Retail Translation Service. We help you to localise all of your best selling products, keeping you legally compliant. Our retail solutions give you competitive advantage in any global market.

We run an independently accredited, secure Government Translation Service specifically developed for the UK Public Sector. Part of an OJEU compliant pan-Government agreement, sponsored and administered by the Crown Commercial Service.

Interpreting helps two or more people without a common language to communicate instantly. Different types exist, including, simultaneous interpreting, telephone interpreting, British Sign Language Interpreting and conference interpreting.

Adhere to all government regulations and reach more users by including accessibility services in your company’s communication policies. These include braille translation, easyread and large print services.

Website Translation Service

You can reach 3.2 Billion international internet users by translating your website into their language. Develop a Multilingual SEO strategy to maximise your potential and appear higher in the search engines.

Multilingual DTP Services

Creative multi-language design services deliver consistent designs across all media outlets and regions, no matter which language or native format you are working with.

Multilingual Transcription Services transcribes any audio format into the written word. Including cassette tapes, CDs, MP3s and video files.

What’s the best way of translating your website? Read this guide!

Our free eBook will help you to deliver the best website experience for a growing international audience. In it you’ll find case studies, tips and beneficial information that will guard you against some of the common pitfalls associated with website localisation.

How to create content for an International Audience

K International are proud members of the following organisations:

Crown Commercial Service    European Language Industry Association MemberAssociation of Language Companies Member   Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce      Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce

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