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    Tracklingua is your unique cloud based translation management tool. Helping you to manage your language assets across your whole organisation, lowering your cost to translate and improving communication across international teams.

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    Providing a proven secure 24/7 language translation service to the UK Military on matters of national and international security.
    Security cleared translators and all processes aligned to ISO27001.

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    Government Translation Services

Professional Language
Translation Services

Your Voice in Their Language

Translation for Retailers

Providing a guaranteed 100% accurate Retail Translation Service. Helping you put your products on shelf all over the world.


Government approved supplier of BrailleLarge Print, EasyRead & Sign Language services. Helping you to communicate with hard to reach groups.

Government Translation Services

The official supplier of Government Translation Services to the UK Government. Security cleared translators and all processes accredited to ISO 27001.

Translation Services

Document Translation Service completed by professional product specific mother tongue translators. Any file is available and we format the target documents to fit with your company style.

Technical Translation

Using an in-depth knowledge of technical terminology specific to your business or industry sector our Technical Translation Service is used to re-create technical documentation in any language.

Legal Translation

Certified Legal Translation Service is relied upon in court. Developed for a range of clients including solicitors, lawyers, courts, police, individuals, private companies and public corporations.

Medical Translation

Pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, manufacturers of medical devices, biotech companies and healthcare managers all rely on Medical Translation Services.

Secure Transcription

Accredited to ISO 27001 and part of the pan-Government contract our Secure Transcription Service is trusted by organisations such as the British Government to deliver.

Grow your company's international relationships

Providing a Complete Approach to
Translation Services

Trusted by the UK Government & global corporations to consistently translate their message, deliver expertise and increase value to their international audience & customers.

  • Language Translation

    Maximise the reach and effectiveness of your corporate message by utilising our translation service for your international markets.

  • Language Asset Management

    Using a managed service for your international projects enables you to dramatically improve control, quality, consistency & reduce time to market.

  • Localization Project Management

    Integrated file management systems allow you to increase efficiency and keep track of your project deliverables, helping to ensure against inflated costs and delays.

  • Legally Compliant

    Protect yourself against local and regional legal concerns. Using in-country regulatory experts allows you to guarantee adherence to local legislation.

Your Team of Translators

We are a dynamic team of localization professionals who translate millions of words every month.

Our headquarters are based in the beautiful modern city of Milton Keynes in England, from there we help multinational organisations translate their message.

Our dream is to help our clients communicate their message all over the world. Our experts will integrate our workflows into your own content creation processes, making the journey of internationalisation as easy as possible. Think of us as your team of translators.

Find out more about K International.

Corporate Translation Guide

Free Guide to Translation

K International understand that you rely on us for more than just translation.

We ensure your tone of voice, values and message shine through in every project we undertake and adapt them to appeal specifically to your intended audience. We know that you entrust us with the responsibilities of your brand managers, copywriters, marketing departments and public relations teams, all rolled into one.

For this reason, we approach every project with the level of dedication it deserves. Helping you develop lasting relationships with overseas customers is our priority and a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

International success is simply a by-product of local knowledge, understanding  & communication.

Think local, act global and add demonstrable value to your consumers’ experience.

Richard Brooks, CEO
K International

Richard Brooks presenting the keynote at memoQfest Budapest.

Testimonials about our Translation Services

What we do isn’t simply about substituting words for other words, it’s about making your message, your brand and most importantly, your ideas reach further and mean more to more people.

K International process’ and workflow allow seamless processing of our Artworks and Instruction Manuals. The team are a pleasure to work with and are always on the front foot with innovations. Sometimes at very short notice. Am very grateful of the team recently for helping me to translate artworks after hours which meant my department hit their deadline without issue. I look forward to continuing our strategic partnership with K International.

Steve Bonsell
Steve BonsellTesco

The team at K International have always provided a professional, reliable and efficient service. Delivering a very high standard on very technical pharmaceutical translations within short deadlines. Thank you for all your hard work over the past few years… it is always a pleasure to work with you!

Caroline Saunders
Caroline SaundersIDEA Pharma

Well, these guys are amazing. We were introduced to K International through one of our clients. They translate and artwork large documents for us. The translation always goes amazingly well. All files are always present, correct and turned around very quickly (they even provide print-ready PDFs – what a bonus!). Professional and friendly makes my dealings with K International a pleasure. Do not hesitate to contact them for translations and artwork. Thank you again.

Angela Elwick
Angela ElwickWriter’s Assistant/Artworker

K International is our valued partner in the European market. They consistently help us scale and deliver our solutions on a global level.  That includes localizing translations and transcreations in various European languages, and countries. No file format seems to be an issue as they consistently turnaround projects in all manor of formats. They are really nice people socially, to work and do business with as well!

Vic Marcus
Vic MarcusVice President

We are very satisfied with the service we received from K International. Consistently excellent & quick turnaround.  ONR is particularly impressed with the turnaround for the South Korean translation for display on the plasma screen in the reception area. Special thanks to the exceptional project management team, it is always a pleasure to work with them.

Health and Safety Executive
Health and Safety Executive

Thank you very much for the translations. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am continually impressed with the service I have received. Thanks once again

Rachel Tansey
Rachel Tansey

Thank you for assisting me earlier, I appreciate you getting this done so fast. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks again

John Campbell
John CampbellTechnical Marketing Manager

I would say that K International provides the best service and has a very dedicated team who are always ready to provide an excellent service no matter how small or big the issues are.

Salma Jeeachee
Salma Jeeachee

Everything went very well at the conference this year.  The Interpreter was very easy to work with.  Luca found that having her with him worked better than the simultaneous interpreting from previous years.  Elizabeth was extremely pleasant and sat with the delegates and was almost a delegate herself, we could not have asked for more.  She had translated all of the presentations before she arrived and I was very impressed with the professionalism she brought to the event.  If we need an Italian interpreter next year, we would like it to be Elizabeth once again.

Christine Stell
Christine StellGroup HR Manager

Meet Tracklingua

Your flexible solution to onsite language management

Our bespoke software solution, Tracklingua, enables your teams to launch, track & deploy language projects directly. Relied on by commercial and government powerhouses to deliver reliable, user friendly, cost effective & individually branded language management at every stage.

Tracklingua Flexible Translation Management

Last year Tracklingua saved a major high-street retailer more than 90% on their total language spend by centralising all of their language assets into one place and leveraging their use across the whole company.

At the same time quality improved, efficiency of validation improved and they were able to reduce the critical path for product production by 33%.

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Crown Commercial Service Supplier    European Language Industry Association Member    Globalization and Localization Association Member    Association of Language Companies Member    Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce Member    Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce Member