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Google Penalizes Bad Machine Translation

& 10 tips for good international SEO Planning to translate your business website into another language? Free, automatic translation tools like Google Translate might seem tempting, but here’s one more reason to avoid relying on them: Google doesn’t like it. And if Google doesn’t like it, you’d better not do it, at least not if […]

Which Languages Are Closest to English?

Have you ever wondered which languages are most closely related to English? Well, wonder no more! Here are the 5 languages that linguists say are the most closely related to English. Some of them might surprise you… The Closest Language to English: Scots The closest language to English is Scots . . . assuming you […]

The Language of Science: Lost in Translation

These days, most scientific work is done in English. But why is English the “language of science” when brilliant scientists come from all corners of the globe? And does it matter? We like to think that science transcends language. After all, experiments are experiments and data is data, right? Actually, language and translation have always […]

12 Festive Christmas Songs From Around the World

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! Christmas Eve is almost here! Are you excited yet? Frantic? Both? Soothe your stress and get in the Christmas spirit with this collection of the top Christmas songs from around the world: Christmas Songs From Around the World: “Petit Papa Noël” (French) This French Christmas classic was originally recorded […]

What Language Does Santa Speak?

Santa sends toys to children all over the world, or so the story goes. But what is his native tongue? Where does Santa live, and what language does Santa speak?  Since we can’t ask the big guy himself, let’s take a look at the evidence. Here, we examine some of the possibilities.  The North Pole: […]

The Top 10 Foreign Books Translated to English In 2016

Is your holiday reading list looking a little bare? Add some translated books for a global perspective! Only about 3% of published fiction books are translated into English from another language. However, publishers like Amazon are making more of these books easily accessible than ever before. Here are ten of the best foreign books translated […]