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Picture Postcards from Tokyo

Being part of a company working with languages every day really helps stoke the desire to travel. I have just returned from another trip to Tokyo, my third time in as many years. If you have followed some of my previous articles you may be forgiven for thinking I am developing something of an affinity […]

Twitter Enters the Murky World of Machine Translation

Last week you may have heard, or even seen, that Twitter has been trialling automated translation of tweets from certain individuals in Egypt. Following the recent political upheaval, the former president Mohammed Morsi, opposition leader Mohammed ElBaradei and Arab Spring activist Wael Ghonim have all had tweets made available to non-Arabic speaking readers.

Communicating for the ALC

As part of our continued drive to increase co-operation between language companies, we worked alongside Dynamic Language in Seattle to provide an information delivery system for the Association of Language companies (ALC) of which we are both members. Our aim, and that of the ALC, is to improve quality and systems within the translation industry […]

A Gaijin in Tokyo

In our last article, Alison noted how lazy we Brits are when it comes to getting a handle on the native language when preparing to travel abroad. From my own experience I’ve seen just how extensive this can be and I’m guilty as charged. In both 2011 and 2012 I travelled to Tokyo for a combined total […]

Translating the Tube

You may have heard London’s long standing tube network hit a milestone this month, 150 years old! 270 stations, more than 200 miles of track and an incredible 3 million passengers a day on average, that’s a lot of newspapers. It’s been a busy time for our friends at Transport for London, with more than […]

The Hawaiian Language

When the Americans annexed Hawaii in 1898, English became the official language of the Hawaiian Islands. Unfortunately, the beautiful native Hawaiian language had been threatened since American and European businessmen developed an interest in the islands in the early 19th century. When Captain Cook first discovered the islands in 1778, there were 500,000 native Hawaiian […]

Indo-European Languages

The Tie that Binds East and West Anyone who has studied languages knows that different languages can be surprisingly similar. For example, Spanish and Italian look very much alike on paper-if you know one of the languages, you can almost intuit the meaning of a sentence written in the other language. It’s not surprising to […]

Welsh Translation Service

Leaders in Welsh Translation K International, a leading UK based translation company, has over 25 years of success working with the Welsh language. We assist many UK Government departments and corporate entities with their Welsh translation requirements. Why Translate into Welsh? Due to an increase in the use of the English language, the numbers of Welsh […]

Languages of the UK

Which languages are spoken in the UK? Which languages are spoken in the UK? This is a question asked by many of our clients. Unfortunately there are no official figures on the subject which makes the question a difficult one to answer, and in turn raises the additional question of which languages to support when […]