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Can’t I just use Google Translate?

I was asked this question today. It wasn’t the first time. If I’m honest, it annoyed me that I should have to answer it at all. But I guess if you don’t work in the language industry, you might perceive Google as a trustworthy company who can do no wrong, so you could be forgiven […]

Jokes about Translation

Its our Christmas party tonight… we’re all of to the pub for a meal then its a night at the comedy club. To prove translators and designers can be funny here’s our favourite jokes. Jokes about Translation How many translators does it take to change a lightbulb? It depends on the context. Two translators on […]

Quotes about Language

I heard Nelson Mandela’s quote about language a couple of times last week and it inspired to collect my favourite ones together and put them on the blog. Whether you’re working in the language industry, teaching languages, studying language or just here for fun we’re sure one of these will make you smile. Which one’s […]

French Idioms

French Idioms and their English Equivalents An idiom is an expression whose meaning cannot be deduced from the literal definitions of the words that make up the expression. In other words you couldn’t look up the meaning of each word in a dictionary and comprehend the meaning of the sentence. Idioms are often deeply ingrained […]

The Secret to International Retail

The eCommerce Futures Conference recently brought together speakers from the likes of fashion retailers Coast and Hobbs and pure-plays such as sex toy specialist Lovehoney to discuss their latest endeavours in international expansion. Matt Curry, head of eCommerce at Lovehoney, said that for eCommerce operations to work successfully in new territories it is important to […]

Multilingual SEO

If you’re a native English speaker, then you may believe that the internet is dominated by the English language. Almost all of the computer code, social networking, e-commerce and news sites that are most popular with English speakers were developed in the English-speaking world, and they mesh seamlessly with the language. However, while slightly more […]

Translating the Food Information Regulation Direction

By December 2014, consumers will see a huge shift in the way their food packaging is presented and therefore how food packaging is translated. One of the latest EU directives, the Food Information Regulation (FIR) to be precise, aims to tackle rising obesity numbers by abolishing confusing and inconsistent labels and adopt a unified system […]

Translating for Tesco

This is Agnieszka. It was her first full day at Tesco yesterday. Its her job to oversee all of the client communication between K International and Tesco. No small feat as we help over a dozen different departments within Tesco to translate their documentation, packaging, websites and whatever else they need. Its all managed by […]