Cartoon Characters Translated

Hello Guys, I don’t know if you are me like but I used to love cartoons when I was a kid, and even now I still watch Disney movies sometimes (still a kid at heart). Have you ever wondered what are the names of your favorites characters abroad? Here are some exclusive translations… Hope you enjoy!


Bugs – Dusko Dugousko (Bosnia/Serbia/Croatia in ex-YU); Zekoslav Mrkva (Croatia today); Bugs Bunny (French)
Daffy – Patak Daca (Bosnia/Serbia); Dodo Patak (Croatia); Daffy Duck (French)
Tweety – Kanarinac Kica (Serbia); Titi (French); Titii (Italian)
Sylvester – Silvester (Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia); Sylvestre (french); Silvestro (Italian)
Ysam – Ridjobrki (Bosnia); Suljo (Croatia)
Speedy – Brzi Gonzales (Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia)
Befuddled – Milivoj (Bosnia/Croatia); Elmer Fudd (Serbia)
Coyote – Mirko S. Kojotovski (Bosnia); Pera Kojot Genije (Serbia); Willy il Coyote (Italian)
BeepBeep – Ptica Trkacica (Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia); Bip Bip (French/Italian)
Lepew – Pepe (B/C/S)
Ham – Gicko Prasic (Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia); Pallino (Italian)
Marvin – Marvin (B/C/S); Marvin il marziano (Italian)


Tomcat – Tom (B/C/S/FR)
Jerry – Dzeri (B/C/S/FR)


Mickey – Miki Maus (Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia); Topolino (Italian)
Minnie – Mini Maus (Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia); Minni (Italian)
Donald – Paja Patak (Serbia); Pajo Patak (Bosnia/Croatia in ex-YU); Patak Pasko (Croatia today); Paperino (Italian)
Scrooge – Baja Patak (Serbia); Bajo Patak (Bosnia/Croatia in ex-YU); Ujak Tvrdica (Croatia today); Paperon De’ Paperoni (Italian)
Fethry – Caja Patak / Praja Patak (Serbia in ex-YU); Paperoga (Italian)
Goof – Silja (Serbia); Siljo (Bosnia/Croatia); Pippo (Italian)


Sailor – Mornar Popaj (Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia); Sailor Moon (French); Braccio di Ferro (Italian)
Betty – Beti Bup (Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia)
Huey – Bubi (Croatia in ex-YU)
Bluto – Badza (Bosnia in ex-YU); Badzo (Croatia in ex-YU); Kvrga (Serbia in ex-YU)
Olive Oyl – Oliva (Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia); Olivia (Italian)


Felix – Feliks (B/C/S)
Mighty – Super Mis (B/C/S)
Thinkpink – Pink Panter (Bosnia/Croatia); Panter Panta (Serbia); La Panthere Rose (French); Pantera Rosa (Italian)


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