K International Spooktacular

K International Spooktacular

So it’s that monstrous time of year when the K International team let their professional hair down a little and get their fangs deep into Halloween.

Here’s a few ghoulish pictures of the staff, organised by our gruesome #Ksocialteam, Sherrien Collins & Sajeda Al-Nashash.

It’s probably important to say there’s quite a lot of photoshop going on here (it’s difficult to make our team look bad) …. you can pay me later guys 😉

Spooktacular K International

Some of our team looked decidedly horrific (in a good way)


Omnia Scares

Omnia took the honours for best dressed!



Charlie forgot to shave this morning


Aga de Vil

Aga de Vil, she just loves puppies!


Count Rand

Paul looked Fangtastic!


Sherrien Kruger

Sherrien made sure she had a manicure in preparation for today


Gemma Masacre

Gemma was a bit on edge!


Spooktacular team

Another ghoul shot… DAVE SMASH!


Prize Winners

Here’s our best dressed alongside our best carved


Looking forward to next year, let us know what you think of our efforts in the comments…



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