Outrage over French Eurovision Song

French MP Jacques Myard, of the UMP party,was outraged that the song chosen to represent France in last years Eurovision Song Contest had English lyrics.

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 16th of  May in Moscow and the song chosen to represent France will be sung in French (this time). Forty three countries will be taking part; the show is very popular drawing in a television audience of 200 million viewers from Europe and beyond.

The song which was chosen to represent France last year was entitled ‘Divine’,  it combined both English and French lyrics with electro euro pop.

According to the BBC the culture minister in France defended the song saying, the country should fully support his (Sebastien Tellier – Singing ‘Divine’ for France) bid for victory.

Many countries choose to sing in English. Statistically you are more likely to win the competition when singing in English, according to information released by Eurovision.

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  1. Line Kristensen
    Line Kristensen says:

    Are you mistaking the French contribution from 2008 for this year’s song? Patricia Kaas will be singing in French (as far as I know) in Moscow on Saturday. Sebastien Tellier performed in English in 2008…

  2. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    Yes you are right my mistake… I am very sorry this years French entry will be sung in French… I have amended the article accordingly. Good luck, statistics are against you, but maybe this time French will prevail over English. Lets face it the UK are unlikely to win we don’t have too many friendly neighbours to vote for us… ha ha. Great programme, good luck to all in Europe… lets hope the UK get some points this year!!!


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