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5 Examples of Powerful Global Branding in Action

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In the 1980s, only a handful of brands, such as Coca Cola and IBM, ruled the global stage. However, as the internet continues to lower the barriers to entering new markets, an increasing number of companies are able to achieve this level of influence.

Today, building a global brand requires a lot more than simply translating your website into different languages. The most successful companies understand that consistent and universally appealing messaging has to be combined with an understanding of local culture and tastes – a tactic that’s known as a ‘glocal’ strategy.

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Export Guide to Holland

Export Guide for The Netherlands

Translation and localisation support plays a major role in a successful export strategy so K International is producing a number of country-specific export guides to provide your business with some helpful information. You can read the introduction and view other guides as they become available right here.

The Netherlands offers an inviting business environment for foreign companies, with a superb infrastructure and forward-thinking international business strategy. The value of foreign business in terms of job creation and economic input is highly prized by the Netherlands and the company’s business climate is a political priority. Forbes ranked The Netherlands seventh in the world in its ‘Best Countries for Business’ 2016 ranking.

Many UK companies take advantage of The Netherlands’ welcoming business environment. As such, this business culture guide is provided to support UK exporters in their dealings with The Netherlands.

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