happy birthday

Our Website is 18 Today

Our website is 18 years old today. Not the content or design I mean it’s been 18 years since we launched the first version of This makes me feel old. We had to have the dash because a logistics firm in NYC registered first, something which pains me every time I have to type or say the domain. Its a bit like when you have to use where XX is some random number because somebody else got there first.

Originally it was Dermot’s idea. I remember vividly when he said to me, “you know what Rich? This internet thing looks like it’s really going to take off, even Pepsi Cola has a website… I reckon we should create one”.

So we did. It was 1997, Titanic was on at the cinema, the Spice Girls had just made it big in America and at the end of August the whole nation stopped and watched the horrific news that Sunday morning finding out Princess Diana had died. Read more

What’s your Finnish Name?

Finland’s tourist board has come up with a novel way to promote their country’s tourism prospects:  The Finngenerator, a website that automatically turns your given name into a Finnish name.

According to the site,

“Finland is a country where things are based on nature and old mythology. Even people’s names are inspired by the woods, animals and mythological characters.

Have a try and find your inner Finn by changing your name. Just type your name here and let the generator tell you what you would be called if you were a Finn.”

Let’s give it a try, shall we?

My name is Alison Kroulek, but apparently in Finnish I would be called “Hilla Halla,” which translates to “Cloudberry Forest.” Mmmm, cloudberries…

Our fearless leader Richard Brooks’ Finnish alter ego  is Ahti Ilvesniemi. “Ahti” is the Finnish god of the sea, and “Ilvesniemi” means “lynx cape.”

In Finnish, our marketing manager Johnny Henchman would be known as Pyry Petäjä. “Pyry” means blizzard, and
“Petäjä” means “Pine Tree.”

According to the Daily Mail, which translated a bunch of celebrity names, Kanye West comes out with the Finnish moniker “Sampo Ilvesniemi,” which the newspaper notes is a

“curious combination of a mythical money-maker and a fearsome wild cat. ‘Sampo’ is the name of a magical mill in the Kalevala which creates riches, Ilvesniemi refers to the sharp-toothed lynx.”

Actually, according to the Finngenerator, “Ilvesniemi” refers to a lynx cape rather than the beast itself. So, Kanye ‘s Finnish name would roughly translate to “a magical moneymaking mill with a flamboyant sense of fashion.” How apropos.

Each name “translation” is accompanied by a gorgeous photograph of a scene from Finland, the better to lure you into coming to visit.

What’s your Finnish name? Share it in the comments!