28 Signs we didn’t Translate

Something tells me the translations of the following 28 signs are not quite right.

Its was an accident


Anyone missed a foot?

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Allo Allo

British Woman Wakes Up With a French Accent

Can you imagine going to bed and waking up sounding like you’re from another country? What if you you started talking in a foreign accent and weren’t able to stop? That’s exactly what happened to Kay Russell, a British woman who went to sleep with a severe migraine and woke up speaking in what sounds like a French accent.

According to the BBC, Ms. Russell apparently has what’s called “Foreign Accent Syndrome,” a rare condition in which injury to the brain, in this case caused by the migraine, results in the afflicted person exchanging their normal accent for what sounds like a foreign one. As researcher Sophie Scott explained to the BBC, “People might put little vowel sounds in their speech, so they might-a sound-a little-a like-a this — that’s read by English speakers as being an Italian accent.”

To an outsider, it might sound glamorous to wake up with a foreign accent, but it’s actually an incredibly disorienting experience. Friends tend to be put off by it, and strangers treat you like you’re a foreigner even if you’re still in the same city you’ve lived in all your life. As Scott explained, “It’s not only that you don’t sound like who you are. You don’t sound like the others around you either.” Read more

Minion Language

The ‘Language’ Behind the Minions

Parents still reeling from the decimation of sanity caused by the soundtrack to ‘Frozen’ will be all too aware of a new plague, as the childless amongst us laugh uncomprehendingly at their misfortune. It is known to a generation as Minionese – the virtually-incoherent language spoken by those googly-eyed yellow chaps, introduced to an unprepared world by the 2010 movie ‘Despicable Me’. The internet is abuzz with Minionese-English dictionaries; and this is exactly how it would have started with Klingon, if there were high speed internet in the 1970s. Should we fear, or embrace, this new language?

We may have little choice. Now they have become the stars of their own self-titled, full-length movie, the Minions are more inescapable than ever. In the movie we learn that they have served many masters the world over, so it makes a bit more sense that they couldn’t be held to just one earthly language. Read more