Bon Apetit!

Today is not like the others at K, today is the day where we will be sharing many laughs around some fabulous food, exchanging our well wrapped presents, dressing up as the Santa’s little helpers and just enjoy a good time all together. Since this morning 9 am, you can feel the electric atmosphere in the office as each one of us is very excited about this special occasion, everybody placed their Santa secret present in the big box, brought their homemade meal to the kitchen and most important didn’t forget to put a smile on their face. Because Christmas is coming so close now, we decided it was time to organise a lunch to celebrate it all together. In our society, people tend to think that to be part of a family, you need to have the same blood, compatible DNA or identical colour hair…and I won’t say it’s false, but you can also feel part of a family even if you are not actually related to the people. Read more

French Guy in Milton Keynes

Everyone knows “an English man in New York”, the song of the great singer Sting. As soon as I arrived in Central station of Milton Keynes, this song has echoes in my head. I told myself “I am the French guy in Milton Keynes” who will start an internship for K International. But it’s difficult to compare the two cities and also difficult to compare an English man in NYC whose native language is English and a French guy who arrives in Milton Keynes whose native language is French (especially since we know the reputation of French with English!).

When I arrive in Milton Keynes I was greeted by my internship supervisor named Richard Brooks (general manager of K International). He invited me to a great restaurant and we ate pizzas and drank a beer. Then, he showed me the city centre and surroundings by car.

Milton Keynes was formally designated as a new town on 23 January 1967. Indeed, it’s a very modern city composed of large extent and avenues. Read more

The Story Behind Picnik

The Inspiration

Born in the mid 70’s, Richard grew up as a pretty normal kid, surrounded by a loving family and friends in the beautiful county of Leicestershire. Always captivated and driven by music, he started listening to The Police when he was 11, changed for New Order and the Smiths at the age of 16, then moved into alternative music when he hit 20, namely Blur and Oasis.

If you are familiar with the Blur music video for Coffee and TV then you’ll guess where the inspiration for Picnik came from! Small, cute, funny, blue and white little milk pack who is gonna take a chaotic but unforgettable journey to find missing Blur leading singer. Instantly attached to this sooo adorable character, Rich wanted to re-create the same feeling that he had when he first saw this video. Curious, excited, amused and fascinated, he was looking for the perfect character that would make people keen of discovering the mysterious world of translation…

The Idea

Traveller at heart, I have always been in love with New York, its atmosphere, its spirit, the people, the blocks, the cabs and even the dried bretzels that have been staying forever on street stands. One day, I had the opportunity to go to the Marketing Week Conference in London where all the best in the Marketing industry meet and talk at seminars, around a coffee or about the next brilliant idea. The magic happened when I listened to these 2 guys working for Fiat talking about their genius concept and how they created their cartoonish website where different characters interact. Eureka! Why not telling a story about how to translate a book? As predicted, I chose to start the story in beautiful Manhattan where all dreams come true. Immediately, I pictured a chubby red book stuck on a shelf in a library: Picnic was born. Read more

K International Vs. The Gadget Show

K International on the Gadget Show

If you were sitting down to watch the Gadget Show on Channel 5 last night (26th of October 2015), you will have seen a couple of our linguists featured in the show. First up, Monica Bloxam took on presenters, Amy Williams and Jason Bradbury, in a Human Vs. Machine translation challenge. Read more

Christmas Lunch Pictures Revealed

Because i know you were really excited and impatient to discover the pictures of the Christmas lunch we had here at K yesterday, here are some. If you want to see more, don’t hesitate to take a look at our facebook page 🙂 (they are all hidden over there). Enjoy and have a great week end!

Meet our Santa!

Paul and his little helpers

Plenty of delicious food

Read more

the midnight moo

The MK Midnight Moo Charity

K International takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. We believe all business has an inherent responsibility to its staff, its partners, the environment and the community that goes way beyond the creation and sustainability of profits.

We support as many charities as we can. We run for cancer research, we make cakes and sell them for the British Red Cross, we provide free design for a local youth charity and we support local charities.

Last week, Phillipa Trimnell, one of the K International completed the MK Midnight Moo for Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes.

Here is her story:

“It is midnight on a Saturday and most people are either out having a good time or tucked up nice and warm in bed.

Instead of being one of those sensible people, I decided, along with over 1700 other women, to walk 10 miles around Milton Keynes to raise money for Willen Hospice. The name of the walk was the ‘Midnight Moo’, so of course grass green t-shirts, with the face of a cow on the front and back, were compulsory – a great fashion statement for all involved.

We all started off in high spirits from Midsummer Place with lots of people cheering us on and a great party atmosphere. The first 6 miles were relatively easy, and chewing the cud with some nice carrot cake to fortify us at the re-registering point, we trotted on. Every couple of minutes or so, the marshals and other members of the public (and a team of firemen, which definitely cheered up a lot of the ‘herd’!) were out supporting us and cheering us on, which kept us going.

As this was a walk in Milton Keynes, walking past the concrete cows was a must, and quite a ‘moo-vellous’ sight, all lit up in the dark. The last two miles were the worst; our hooves were rather sore, especially as it was mostly up-hill. However, as soon as we saw the blue lights of Midsummer Place we were able to give it one last push and made it in 3 hours and 32 minutes – a very respectful time – and I also managed to beat my target of raising £150 for such a great charity and aim now aiming for £200.

A big thank you to everyone who supported me.”

Teaser Trailer for our 2011 Calendar

As some of you might know, few months ago we introduced our unique mascot called Picnik for the launch of our brand new website. Cute, chubby and a red book, Picnik originally from Manhattan was sent here to K International by his temporary owner Sam to be translated into Spanish. He really enjoyed his trip to England and Spain but now he is ready to take on the world.

Our 2011 desk calendar is the perfect opportunity for Picnik to discover a lot of fabulous countries and participate in some of the most amazing worldwide events. From celebrating Australia Day in Sydney with his kangaroo friend Quarkie to training for the 2012 Olympics in London, we hope you will enjoy taking part in this one year journey with him.

Take a look a the Teaser Trailer…

You can also look at the trailer on Vimeo and Flickr.

We know you’ll be excited so if you want a calendar email us now (as numbers are limited) on

Picnik will be waiting for you… is 20 today

K is 20 years old today!

Today marks another milestone in K International’s digital journey: it’s been 20 years since we launched our very first website. Rich (our glorious leader) covered some of the history and the various designs we’ve been through a couple of years ago for our 18th, you can check out that post right here for some nostalgia. It’s been nearly 4 years now since we migrated to WordPress and I’m pleased to say we’ve gone from strength to strength since that day back in December 2013.

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Santa Wrote Back!

Dear Konrad,

Thank you for all your correspondence sent to me.

In the first place, I hope you liked the Christmas presents I got you for 2010.

I regret to say it but I was unable to give you the metal pin slingshot, nor the indoor fireworks set. Those items are listed as hazardous and mustn’t be distributed…

I truly appreciate your concern about my health. Nevertheless I am not intending to shed a pound. To be honest, I have always been a little … fleshy if you like. Times are changing and i know people expect celebrities to look like sticks these days but “Thank God” I don’t live in Hollywood, so no need for me to slim down!

Each time I go to LA, I wonder when I’ll see an A4-size picture of my behind with a tear in my red trousers, flashing at me from a cover of a glossy mag. And believe me it is not easy to sneak away from paparazzi when getting off my sleigh or climbing up a chimney. Read more

happy birthday

Our Website is 18 Today

Our website is 18 years old today. Not the content or design I mean it’s been 18 years since we launched the first version of This makes me feel old. We had to have the dash because a logistics firm in NYC registered first, something which pains me every time I have to type or say the domain. Its a bit like when you have to use where XX is some random number because somebody else got there first.

Originally it was Dermot’s idea. I remember vividly when he said to me, “you know what Rich? This internet thing looks like it’s really going to take off, even Pepsi Cola has a website… I reckon we should create one”.

So we did. It was 1997, Titanic was on at the cinema, the Spice Girls had just made it big in America and at the end of August the whole nation stopped and watched the horrific news that Sunday morning finding out Princess Diana had died. Read more