Finding an Alternative to PowerPoint

In my career I’ve given a lot of presentations (and watched many more)… I tend to use PowerPoint and Keynote…

I’ve tried to make them as visually appealing as I can, I add animations, graphs, charts – you name it. But I think I’ve pushed the medium as far as it will go. And we’ve been using it for over ten years so its gotta be time for a change.

So inspired by Don McMillan I’ve been looking for an alternative for a while now.

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memoQfest 2013

Last month 200 or so people from all over the localization industry convened in the Gundle Restaurant Budapest to participate in the 5th memoQfest. It was an absolute honour for me to be the keynote presenter. Kilgray have put some photos from the event on their photo stream on their facebook page. And the video summary came out today… great memories of a great time in one of the best cities in the world.