Government translation legal responsibility

Legal Responsibility for Government Translation

Translation and the Law

When developing your Government department’s language policies and communication strategies it is advisable to consider the following articles of law. This research should be used to help you to decide what you translate and when you use interpreters (or telephone interpreters).

Race Relations Act (1976)

The Race Relations Act 1976 established the Commission for Racial Equality and provided definitions of direct and indirect discrimination, on grounds of colour, race, ethnic or national origin. Direct discrimination is defined as treating one person less favourably on grounds of colour, race, ethnic or national origin, in the provision of goods, facilities and services, employment, housing and advertising. Indirect discrimination means discrimination by the imposition of unjustifiable conditions which can be met by more people of one colour, race, ethnic or national origin than another. Someone who has been discriminated against can take individual civil action, through an industrial tribunal for employment matters, or in the county court for other matters. Read more