Klingon Opera Heads to Germany

In the realm of fantasy and science fiction, Star Trek fans are justly recognized for their unwavering, some would say obsessive, fandom. The latest manifestation of this obsession? An opera written and performed entirely in Klingon.

Why not? It’s not like anyone most people can understand the words in a normal opera, anyway.

The opera, called “u,” which apparently translates to “universal,” just finished a run at the Zeebelt theater in the Hague, and will be performed next in Germany on September 25 for a group of wannabe Klingons.

According to the “u” website, the opera was written based on “some fragments of a masterpiece of the batlh jachlut or Honorable Battle opera” with the help of Marc Okrand, the creator of the Klingon language.

Here’s a brief plot summary, again from the “u” website.

“The libretto of ‘u’ is based on the epos of Kahless the unforgettable. Betrayed by his brother and witness to his father’s brutal slaying, Kahless is pitted against his bitter enemy the mighty tyrant Molor. To regain his honor he must travel into the underworld, create the first Bat’leth, be united with his true love the lady Lukara and fight many epic battles.”

Sounds like geek catnip to me. Read more

Welsh Language Opera Company Launched

A new Welsh language opera company was launched this week. Opera is performed throughout the world in various languages for example Italian, Spanish and English. Wales is known for being the ‘land of song’ but there are not many operas performed in the Welsh language.

The company has been set up by Patrick and Sioned Young, the Welsh opera company was launched on Sunday 21st June with a concert which featured eight soloists and an orchestra.

Mr Young, an opera director who has worked with the Royal Opera House told Walesonline:

“We wanted to set up the company because there’s so much talent here in Wales and people don’t get to perform in their own language.”

It has taken the couple a year to set up the company ‘Opra’. They approached the Arts Council of Wales who has supported their idea. Their plan is to stage an event every summer and also start a small scale autumn tour, during which some of the best known operas will be performed in Welsh.

The couple are now trying to secure further funding to support their company.