The Great K International Bake Off

The Great K International Bake Off

Along with the entire population of Britain (apparently), we’re getting our ‘bake on’ in homage to the national treasure of a tv show, The BBC’s Great British Bake Off.

A big thanks goes out to Sherrien and our sales team, the masterminds who came up with (shamelessly plagiarised) the idea. So without further ado it’s time to “Stop touching your dough balls” and “Get those lady’s fingers soggy!”.

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Undercover Staff

The Secret Life of Staff

During a typically random conversation between the members of the sales team here at K International it came to light that one of us had failed to mention certain things about her past. As it turns out we have a British Champion in our midsts, luckily for the rest of us Youtube still has all the evidence so we can share it with you…

So here goes, we can present Sherrien Collins, account manager & news to us, member of street dance crew Street Shock , 2007 & 2008 British Champions

Here’s the proof from the final in 2008, Sherrien is first on stage..

It also came out that she’s a former boxer… (just in case you were going to say something)

Don’t mess 😉