Welsh Language Issue On Par With Saving Our Planet

The BBC have reported that more than half of the Welsh population feel that preserving the Welsh language is as important to them as saving our planet from global warming.

In recent years the Welsh language has dramatically increased in popularity. Today 64% of the people in Wales think it is important that they speak Welsh with their children, and almost 70% think that future generations will be thankful for all the efforts being made to preserve the language.

The study was conducted by Beaufort Research in November 2008, questioning 1,071 people over the age of 16 and living in Wales.

11% of those questioned were fluent in Welsh, 14% could speak it a little with the remaining having no understanding of the Welsh language at all.

It seems there has been a distinct change in attitude regarding the Welsh language in the past 10 years. Young people in Wales can now see the benefits of keeping the language alive.

Will we ever see the day when children in Wales are fluent in Welsh, educated in Welsh and use Welsh in a social context?

The Welsh Act

The Welsh Language Act

Every public body to which a notice is given under section 7 of the Welsh Language Act 1993 is required to provide services to the public in Welsh, or exercises statutory functions in relation to the provision by other public bodies of services to the public in Wales. They shall prepare their own scheme specifying the measures which it proposes to take, for the purpose mentioned in the scheme as to the use of the Welsh language in connection with the provision of those services.

We fully comply with the requirements of the Welsh Language Act and would be able to provide all of your material in Welsh or advise you on the best possible methodology to produce it.

Proven Experience of Welsh Translation

K International has demonstrated through the Crown Commercial frameworks RM1092, RM987 and through Home Office sponsored agreements 05/GEN/25 and 11/GEN/25 that  we can provide Welsh language services for translation and transcription to the MoJ.

Over the past 5 years we have translated over 30 million words from English into/out of Welsh. This has been mostly for Government agencies but also includes independent bodies and private/listed companies. A large percentage of this work has been driven (primarily) by the need to comply with the Welsh Language Act 1993. Read more