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Reach an international audience through translation

Translation TeamOur professional translation services team are here to walk you through the process of translating your content. Helping you engage and grow your audiences both at home and abroad. Together we’ll create outstanding international content that is ready for your global audience.

We pride ourselves on our agility. The workflow systems we’ve developed are open and will link via API to your own. Our language services can be easily integrated into the way you already work and we can re-engineer your existing processes to save you money. Our translation environment makes sure we recycle as much content as we can, improving turnaround times and guaranteeing consistency.

Think of us as your very own in-house translation department. A global team of mother tongue translation professionals right at your fingertips. We’re real people. You can talk to us.

Language Translation Services

We offer many language related services. Including: Translation, Transcreation, Interpreting, Transcription, Multilingual Design and Accessibility Services. Each is explained in brief below and more information about all of our services can be found on their relevant landing pages.

Written Translation Services

Written translation services provide an accurate translation of web pages, websites, emails, documents, brochures and just about anything else you can imagine. Our team of international translators provide a service in any one of 250 languages. Verticals of note include: Pharmaceutical Translation Services, Website Translation Services, Retail Translation Services, Technical Translation and Government Translation Services.

All translation is worked on within our translation environment and workflow. This helps our translators to provide accurate error free translation that our suitable for use first time. Over time we build up translation memories that remember what we’ve translated before and if the context is correct can be used on future projects. Saving time, money and improving consistency.

Multilingual Design Services

Our Design Studio can help you originate and re-design any artwork files you have in any language. We work on a range of document formats, including all of the Adobe Suite and have older versions of software dating back to the early 90s. It is very likely we can help. One of the first issues you’ll encounter when converting your designed documents into different languages involve questions of typography.

Different languages abide by different sets of layout and typesetting rules, these can apply to line breaks, hyphenation, the direction of type, numbering conventions, scripts and ligatures. The design of the publication also needs to be culturally acceptable for the market in which it is intended.

Along with large international brands we support a number of well-respected design agencies helping them to deliver an international design service. They utilise our 20 years of multilingual design experience to build in control and value-add services to their clients.


Ideally suited for creative, marketing-focused copy our Transcreation Service will re-create your message (sometimes from scratch) using a team of international writers adapting your campaign for a different culture. The process of re-creation will take into consideration the appearance of the marketing communication as well as the text. Starting with the creative brief and working very closely with your creative teams Transcreation is used to give your brand a global voice.


There are many occasions where translation needs to be instantaneous, to help solve this we provide a range of face-to-face interpreting services. These include: Simultaneous Interpreting, Conference Interpreting, and Sign language Interpreting.

Telephone interpreting can connect you to one of our interpreters via your telephone in under a minute. It’s a very cost effective solution as there is no travel time or cost. We have teams of trained interpreters in our call centre ready for your call. This service is ideal when there is very little or no notice that an interpreter is required.

Transcription Services

A secure, quick turnaround service for multilingual transcriptions. Working with CD, DVD, USB, Cassette and MP3 file we’re able to turn transcriptions around quickly, securely and in the format you need. ISO 27001 & 9001 accredited by the British Standards Institute means all data is kept encrypted and locked away.

Your translation services company

We want your audience to hear your voice, naturally, in their own language.

  • Professional qualified translation specialists

    Every linguist at K International that works on your projects is selected based on your unique individual requirements. They will only ever work into their native language to ensure your translations read naturally and communicate your intentions precisely as if you had penned them yourself.

  • Dedicated Account Management

    Great customer service is a priority at K International, to that end all of our clients are assigned their very own dedicated account manager,  this ensures you always have a direct contact who knows you and who understands your specific requirements. They are on hand to answer your questions, provide regular progress updates and ready to help, whenever you need them, without exception.

  • Translation services designed with efficiency in mind

    Our translation processes and systems streamline the whole localisation process. We adapt to the way you operate so you can be safe in the knowledge that working with us is as straightforward for you and your team as possible. Our long history of providing language services to the government and high-level business means we are completely at home dealing with urgent requests with no drop in quality.

  • Supporting your international efforts

    We provide the consultancy and knowledge to help you engage international audiences by making sure you are able to communicate fluently in the language of your customers. This goes beyond just translation, we’ve helped numerous organisations implement comprehensive systems to ensure international customers can interact with your organisation seamlessly through design, customer service, training and legal material.

  • A security & quality conscious agency

    All of our procedures are certified to ISO 27001 for data security, by the British Standards Institute. Quality management is accredited to ISO 9001 by the independent organisation ISOQAR. Our staff are all security cleared to at least CTC level and regularly handle documents of a secret or sensitive nature for the British Government.

“K International’s work-flow allows seamless processing of our Artwork and Instruction Manuals. The team are a pleasure to work with and are always on the front foot with innovations. I look forward to continuing our strategic partnership with K International.

Project Lead at Tesco

Tesco translation testimonial

“K International have provided a consistently swift and efficient service for all of the assignments rendered. The staff have always been communicative and courteous so I know exactly what to expect and from whom. I have used a variety of services from K International now, including vastly complex document translations and also interpreter presence in the course of highly sensitive meetings. I would highly recommend K International to anyone. A special thanks to the team there!”

The Charity Commission

Charity Commission

A bit more about us…

K International are a well established UK translation and language service agency based in Milton Keynes. In business since 1986 and now serving many of the world’s largest companies as well as multiple departments within UK Government. Our team of bilingual project managers, art workers, linguists and account managers are here to help you deliver proven linguistic quality every time, you can find out more about our background in translation here…

A UK translation agency with a history of proven success

As a company, we’re friendly, innovative, technically driven and have a proven ability to deliver exceptional language services. Together, our team of linguists and engineers want to help you communicate your message to audiences around the world.

We provide flexible systems to ensure working with us is as easy for you as possible. We advise you of the best possible ways of translating your content to deliver success in any global region. Let us help you see and take control of, your international opportunities.

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