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Our core values are what support the vision, culture and philosophy of our business. They are the essence of our company’s identity and reflect what we’re like to do business with.


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Hosted securely in the cloud our system helps you to centralise all language projects and best leverage cost savings across your entire organisation.


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Translation service clients

Language Translation Services

Helping you reach an international audience

Translation TeamWe are a team of linguists providing translation services in hundreds of languages for businesses all over the world. Carefully recreating websites, marketing collateral, brand messaging and apps in new languages for international customers.

Our translation environment recycles as much content as possible, improving turnaround times and guaranteeing consistency across product releases. The services we provide are easily integrated into the way you already work. Consultation is provided to internationalise the content creation process helping to create source material that is easily localised.

We are your very own in-house language department. A global team of translation professionals you can call upon whenever you need anything translating. Together we’ll create outstanding international content ready for a global audience, we’re real people you can talk to. Find out more about our language services.

Language Translation Services

Editing a Japanese Translation Memory for a UK Retailer

K International uses an advanced Translation Management System (TMS) to allow the translator(s) to be supported by technology as much as possible. Content is stored in translation memories and managed in term bases. These are built over time and provide leverage when content tends to repeat.

Seamless importing and exporting a wide variety of popular content formats, including Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, HTML, XLIFF, XML, JS, JSON, YAML, Drupal PO, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and others. We develop tailored file filters for specific scenarios where it is necessary to filter out customised code or untranslatable content. Using these filters, we guarantee that non-translatable text remains identical in source and target.

The TMS has an integrated QA feature that analyses all documents before exporting and flags up any problem so that they can be fixed by either the project manager or the translators, depending on the nature of the issue. Some of the problems that can be flagged up and corrected are: rogue spaces; number mismatches between source and target; formatting mismatches (italics, bold, etc.); code mismatches; use of forbidden terminology; duplicated words; and inconsistencies at segment level.

Secure Transcription Services

Security cleared transcription services from a Crown Commercial Service supplier. All teams are security cleared from Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS), through Counter Terrorist Checks (CTC), Security Checks (SC) and Developed Vetting (DV) and accredited by the BSI and ISOQAR to ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015.

Regular clients of the service include the Home Office, Serious Fraud Office and the Competition and Markets Authority. We have an in-house multilingual transcription department that routinely handles work in numerous languages in addition to English. Operating under high security protocols with rapid response times ranging from same day to 5 days provides our clients with a secure international transcription service.

The transcription services is suitable for academic, legal, medical or corporate use. We process source material in all main formats including, USB stick, MP3, Tape, Wav, CD, DVD and WMA. Taking security seriously we use Egress Switch for all encrypted email and file transfer as well as secure online collaboration on confidential projects.

Multilingual Design Services

Producing Hebrew Artwork for Transport for London

Integrating perfectly with our translation process our in-house design studio will re-create layouts of your material in any language you can think of. Fitting in with your way of working the studio team are experienced with all common industry standard software packages including, FrameMaker, InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, the Corel suite, Serif Page Plus and Microsoft Publisher. We have a huge collection of high quality international fonts and localised versions of software used to re-create your content.

Origination services include logo design, illustration, technical documentation, brochures, magazine layouts, packaging, brand creation, website design and digital marketing. We will assist you with all of your design requirements to make sure your international business and brand stands out amongst your competitors.

Our aim is to be your solution to your international communication challenges.

Interpreting Services

Professional interpreting services are used when you or your organisation need to instantly communicate in another language. Our team of professional interpreters support a wide range of situations ranging from vital public services to helping global companies communicate with international stakeholders.

We provide interpreters to attend assignments in person. This takes the form of Conference or Simultaneous Interpreting. Conference Interpreters are provided for large events where several participants don’t understand the main language spoken. An Interpreter Booth and other interpreting equipment will be required (which we can supply). Simultaneous interpreting (sometimes called whispering interpreting) is useful for events where only a few participants require help with the language. The interpreter sits next to or behind the person and whispers the interpretation to them.

Our interpreters can also be accessed instantly via our telephone interpreting services. Telephone interpreting is used when face-to-face contact is not necessary, or when the requirement is urgent or unexpected. Telephone interpreting provides a cost effective method of speaking any language. Once setup connection time to an interpreter is normally under a minute and the service can be integrated into existing call centres and other voice applications.

Transcreation Services

Suited for creative, marketing-focused copy. Transcreation re-creates the message (sometimes from scratch) using a team of international writers to adapt the campaign for a different culture. Starting with the creative brief and working very closely with creative teams Transcreation gives brands a global voice with a local feel.

Making your communication hit the right notes with an international audience requires a holistic approach that utilises a lot of our services and your own company’s resources. We’ll help you to understand how all this fits together and provide tools to manage the process. We’ll use all the usual translation memoires, workflows and creative services and add to these insights to help you to understand how your project is received in the new target market your thinking of selling to.

Working together with our regulatory & compliance team we ensure all marketing campaigns and copy (whether local website, emails or other advertising material) comply with local legislation satisfying all stakeholders in the process.

Specialists in Language Translation

Specialist language translation solutions built around you.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organisations, medical device manufacturers and healthcare outfits all rely on our Medical Translation Services to open up new markets & engage customers.

Legal Translation Service

Our certified Legal Translation Service is regularly relied on in court. We support a range of clients with legal translations including solicitors, lawyers, courts, police departments or officers, individuals, private companies and public corporations.

Retail Translation Services

We support some of the world’s biggest retailers through our Retail Translation Service. We help you localise all of your best selling products, while at the same time keeping you legally compliant. Our retail solutions give you peace of mind in any global market.

We operate an independently accredited, secure Government Translation Service specifically developed for the UK Public Sector. We are an official translation supplier on the RM1092 framework, administered by the Crown Commercial Service.

Website Translation Service

With 3.2 Billion internet users around the world, translating your website gives you the chance to attract international customers. In addition to translation, we can assist you in developing a Multilingual SEO strategy to ensure your site performs great in international search.

Our secure Multilingual Transcription Services transforms any audio recording into the written word. We can work with all types of media including cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, Bluray, MP3s and video files.

Translation Management Portal

Never translate the same sentence twice

This is TrackLingua. It is our system for managing translation requests from simple one language documents to complex multi-language projects. Hosted securely in the cloud it centralises all language projects and best leverages cost savings across an entire organisation.

Using an open architecture it integrates into existing workflows and provides a one click solution for translation requests and dynamic library management. Project management functionality is built in and workflows can be setup quickly to make best use of process automation.

Developed by our team and available exclusively to our clients bespoke versions are created to help with specific requests. Alongside a detailed archive of helpful documentation our team is based in the UK and on hand to help you with any issues directly.

Translation services map

Internationalise your Business

There are billions of people around the world speaking thousands of different languages. Some of them will be your future customers. More of them could be. We understand that translating your information can be a daunting prospect and you may need some help. That’s exactly what we’re here for.

Translating your information into 13 languages allows you to reach and engage more than 90% of the world’s consumers.

We translate into and out of more than 250 different languages. The following links will take you to our most popular language translation pages:

ArabicBengaliChineseFrench, GermanHindiIndonesian, ItalianJapanese, Norwegian, PolishPortugueseRussianSpanishSwedishTurkish, Welsh

A translation agency that delivers more

The very best businesses speak the language of their customers

  • Professional qualified translation specialists

    Every linguist at K International that works on your projects is selected based on your unique individual requirements. They will only ever work into their native language to ensure your translations read naturally and communicate your intentions precisely as if you had penned them yourself.

  • Dedicated Account Management

    Great customer service is a priority at K International, to that end all of our clients are assigned their very own dedicated account manager,  this ensures you always have a direct contact who knows you and who understands your specific requirements. They are on hand to answer your questions, provide regular progress updates and ready to help, whenever you need them, without exception.

  • Translation services designed with efficiency in mind

    Our translation processes and systems streamline the whole localisation process. We adapt to the way you operate so you can be safe in the knowledge that working with us is as straightforward for you and your team as possible. Our long history of providing language services to the government and high-level business means we are completely at home dealing with urgent requests with no drop in quality.

  • Supporting your international efforts

    We provide the consultancy and knowledge to help you engage international audiences by making sure you are able to communicate fluently in the language of your customers. This goes beyond just translation, we’ve helped numerous organisations implement comprehensive systems to ensure international customers can interact with your organisation seamlessly through design, customer service, training and legal material.

  • A security & quality conscious agency

    All of our procedures are certified to ISO 27001 for data security, by the British Standards Institute. Quality management is accredited to ISO 9001 by the independent organisation ISOQAR. Our staff are all security cleared to at least CTC level and regularly handle documents of a secret or sensitive nature for the British Government.

K International Translation Services

K International are a well respected UK language translation services company based in the amazing new city of Milton Keynes. In business since 1986 and now serving many of the world’s largest companies as well as multiple departments within the UK Government. Our team of bilingual project managers, art workers, linguists and account managers are here to help you deliver proven linguistic quality every time.

We’re friendly, innovative, technically driven and passionate about languages. Together our team of translators and language experts will help you communicate your message to audiences anywhere in the world.

Our systems are flexible to make working with us as straight-forward as possible. We’ll open up a world of possibilities for your company. If you have an international project, its time we talked.