Providing Braille translation services
for the blind and partially sighted

To truly engage with your entire audience you need to be aware of more than just language alone. Members of the community that are blind or partially sighted may require you to take a different approach to document production and we can help. Our Braille translations of documents are relied on for public information by multiple government departments including the MOJ, IPCC, Home Office and Transport for London.

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Government departments rely on the Braille service provided by K International

Braille translation clients

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Whether you need individual letters or large-scale production of Braille material, we have the expertise to make the whole process simple and efficient. As a business, you may even be legally obliged to provide information in the Braille format. For instance the Equality Act (2010) and the Business and Disability Discrimination Act (2005) all infer to the provision of documentation in Braille. K International’s team are here to assist you with any questions you have about producing your documents in Braille, please give us a call us on 01908 557900 or use the form on this page and we’ll go through the options with you.

We help individuals and businesses of all sizes provide accessibility options to their audience through specialised services. Our capabilities don’t begin and end at simply working with customer-facing information though.  We are here to help you ensure your policies, message and identity translate globally within your company, through training materials, financial information and legal documentation, to name just a few. For the very best in Braille and accessibility services, give us a call and find out how we can start helping you to engage with everyone!

As one of our valued Braille translation clients, you will benefit from…

  • Professional, reliable Braille production

    We consult with leading experts to guarantee the highest quality Braille translation for publication. All our Braille documents adhere to specific guidelines set out by the RNIB and conform to guidelines set out in the Equality Act (2010).

  • Dedicated Braille account management

    All of our clients are paired with their own individual account manager,  this guarantees you always have a direct contact who understands your specific Braille project requirements and ensures it is delivered to the highest quality specification. Our team are here to assist you in every stage of our working partnership, whenever you need them, without exception.

  • Simple to use with a rapid turnaround

    Our processes and systems streamline the whole Braille production process. Whether your project is large or small we guarantee you the same level of service with an efficient delivery schedule agreed up front. Due to our ongoing work with government and high-level business, we are used to dealing with urgent requests with no drop in quality.


    All of our procedures are certified to ISO 27001 for data security, by the British Standards Institute. Quality management is accredited to ISO 9001 by independent organisation ISOQAR. Our staff are security cleared to at least CTC level and regularly handle documents of a secret or sensitive nature.

  • Any file, any format

    Regardless of the type of file you have, we will work with you to ensure the Braille translation will fulfill the needs of your blind or partially sighted audience.

Do you represent a
Government department?

Order your Braille translations via the RM1092 framework with us to benefit from pre-negotiated rates and service options.

Government Braille Service

K International are the approved Braille service providers via the Pan-Government agreement set up by the Home Office for language services.

Supplying all Government departments with a Braille translation service that is certified to conform to standards set out by the RNIB and the Equality Act (2010).

K International has vast experience producing a variety of documentation (including leaflets, signs, maps, reports, timetables, etc) through our Braille translation service, consulting with the UK’s leading experts and the visually impaired.

Braille is a system widely used by blind and visually impaired people to read and write. It is made up of raised dots, arranged in cells that correspond to each letter of the alphabet. Braille was developed in 1821 by Louis Braille of France, himself blind after an accident at the age of three. Braille has now been adapted to almost every known language and has revolutionised life for blind and visually impaired people.

We follow standard RNIB guidelines when producing all translated Braille documentation, virtually any form of document can be converted into this format. Please be aware that the production of charts and graphs can prove problematic, however we can provide an alternative solution to this issue..

Firstly the original text is translated (assisted by the latest computer software) into the Braille language. The Braille dots are then embossed onto plates and the printing process begins. Most documents are bound in plastic combs and are available in various sizes. Signs, books and information leaflets are just some of the examples of the documents that we can produce using our Braille translation service.

As part of the production process every document is proofread by an experienced Braille reader to ensure accuracy, quality and usability. Particular attention is given to providing a user friendly layout.

The Braille creation process


    The source is prepared into an MS Word format ready for braille conversion. This process takes into account references within the source that might not be applicable to the braille format or suitable for those using Braille format.


    The braille conversion is embossed onto ‘master plates’, whereby additional copies can easily be made.


    The final braille document is proofread by an experienced Braille reader to ensure accuracy and a user friendly layout.

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Large Print solutions for
those with limited vision

Large print conversion service

Our team of designers have over two decades of experience producing Large Print documents for leading organisations. We produce a myriad of consumer information documents for the likes of Transport for London, Local Authorities and the Home Office.

Accessible audio recordings
of your documents

Multilingual Voice-Overs

Our professional voice-over artists will re-create your message in any language. We ensure that every detail is pronounced accurately, with even subtle nuances of the language interpreted to provide a quality reflection of the source material.

Sign language interpreting in
person or for the screen

We have a network of highly qualified sign language professionals ready to help with all of your project requirements. With specialists in multiple fields, we can ensure you are able to communicate with your entire audience seamlessly