Now, Search Google in Cherokee

As part of its efforts to preserve endangered languages, Google just released a new search option: Cherokee.

The new search page allows people who speak Cherokee to search the Internet in Cherokee from any computer. You don’t need a special keyboard to type your query out, either – just click on the keyboard icon in the search box, and a virtual keyboard with the Cherokee syllabary on it will appear. Sweet!

In a press release,  Cherokee Nation Language Technologist Joseph Erb said:

“Translators from Cherokee Nation were eager to volunteer to help make this project a reality, including Cherokee speaking staff, community members and youth. We now have the power and knowledge of the Internet accessible in our own language. With these tools we are building for Cherokee tomorrow.” Read more

Kindle translator

Amazon’s Kindle: Your Newest Universal Translator

Purists may prefer the look and feel of a real book, but the Kindle is a great device for reading on the go. Now, courtesy of a new Kindle app called Kindlefish, it has another use: a universal translator.

The app makes it possible to use Google Translate on your Kindle with minimal hassle. Because the device has limited web capabilities, the regular version of Google Translate doesn’t work on it.  Meanwhile, the mobile version presents you with your translated text in such a tiny font that it’s hard to read.  As Goldilocks would say, Kindlefish’s screen is “just right”- a simple, trimmed down version of Google Translate that works on the Kindle and presents your translation in big, clear, easy to read letters. Read more

Foreign Language Education Surges in Spain

Mired in an economic crisis, more and more Spanish people are facing the question “¿Habla inglés?” as they search for jobs.

Being able to speak English fluently is a huge advantage in Spain right now simply because being bilingual gives you a better chance of being able to find a job in another country. According to the New York Times, Spain currently has a 20 percent unemployment rate. Read more

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