Music, Language and Your Brain

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” He was more right than he knew. New studies are showing that the brain does in fact treat music as a language. Read more

Microsoft Translator, Now in Welsh

Good news for the Welsh language this week: Microsoft Translator is now available in Welsh. Microsoft Translator provides a variety of translation tools for individuals and businesses, as well as a machine translation API for developers.

The Welsh version of Microsoft Translator is a joint project between Microsoft and the National Assembly for Wales. It was unveiled to the public during a celebration for International Mother Language Day held last Friday in the Senedd. Read more

New Manx Language Album Released

Once thought to be extinct, the Manx language has been making a striking comeback. In fact, a new music album has just been released in the language. The album, Sheear, comes from Manx folk singer Ruth Keggin. Read more

K International 2014 Twitter Template

Twitter Background Template 2014

So you may have noticed twitter recently tweaked its user interface design, this got us around to thinking that we could use some of that screen real estate for a bit of extra marketing for our business translation service.

It turns out we were a bit late to the party, many companies are already adopting the idea. You may have seen a few profiles that place extra information in their twitter background or design their image to fit around the feed, have you ever wondered how its done? We can show you the ropes, to do it accurately you need a template. This removes much of the trial and error out of getting things lined up as intended.

Read more

Nighttime Parenting in Translation

When it comes to parenting, some things are apparently universal- including the desire for your sweet little bundle of joy to JUST GO TO SLEEP ALREADY!

American author Adam Mansbach tapped into that perennial source of parental frustration with his 2011 book “Go the F— to the Sleep”, which became a viral internet sensation before it was even published. Read more


Guide to foreign language fonts

In our previous article we talked about the importance of Unicode encoding and how it provides a standard for use of foreign languages with computer systems. This article discusses foreign language fonts and how they are implemented within translated documents to properly represent the characters and text. Read more

1000th Road Sign Translated Into Cornish

Not so long ago, UNESCO classified the Cornish language as “extinct.” Under pressure from English, the language began its long decline in the middle of the 16th century.

It’s not clear if the language ever died out completely or not. What is clear is that by middle of the 17th century, few if any families were teaching it to their children.

Now, after over a century of revival efforts, there are almost 600 people who use Cornish as their main language. At least 20 people have been raised to speak it as their native language. In 2010, UNESCO reclassified Cornish as “critically endangered.” Not bad for a language once given up for dead!

Since 2009, Cornwall has been replacing old, worn-out street signs with new bilingual signs in English and Cornish. That program has reached a new milestone. Cornwall Council just announced that the 1000th Cornish street sign is now in place at Marina Drive in Looe.

Julian German, the Cornish Council’s portfolio holder for economy and culture, told the Western Morning News:

“Using the Cornish language is really important for many reasons and I would like to thank all of those involved in reaching this milestone. It’s great to see we now have one thousand bilingual signs across Cornwall. The Cornish language is an important part of Cornwall’s heritage. The use of Cornish is growing in all walks of life and the opportunities to learn and use it are increasing all the time.”

Curious how “Marina Drive” became “Rosva Vorek”? Here’s a bit of translation geekery:

“Rosva” = Drive, from the Cornish elements “ros” for wheel and “va” for place.

Vorek = “sea-like,” or perhaps “oceanic.” From the Cornish elements “mor” for “sea” and “-ek,” a suffix that turns a word into an adjective.

But wait…then shouldn’t it be “Rosva Morek?” The Cornish Language Partnership explains:

“Like most languages, nouns in Cornish have a gender and are either masculine or feminine. In this case the word rosva is feminine. In common with the other Celtic languages, in certain cases the first letter of an adjective is changed, or mutated, after a feminine noun. So in this case Rosva Morek becomes Rosva Vorek.”

Photo credit: AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by Paul Stainthorp

Translating Sage Kotsenburg

US snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg walked away with a gold medal in the Olympic slopestyle competition over the weekend. His big win was naturally enough followed by press conferences and interviews…during which he left a trail of confused interpreters in his wake.

The problem for interpreters was two-fold- specialized snowboarding jargon and snowboarder slang, much of which would not sound out of place on an old episode of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

The technical lingo includes phrases like “cab double cork 1260 holy crail, frontside 1080 off the toes rocket air and 1620 Japan,”  all of which needed to be translated to 7 different languages for reporters from different  countries. Say what now?

Al-Jazeera America interviewed two Russian interpreters, Andrey Lesokhin and  Oxana Yakimenko,  to find out how they handled the situation.   Read more

What is Unicode

What is Unicode and why should I care

What is Unicode? If you have ever tried to incorporate foreign text using a non-Latin script, like Arabic, Chinese or Bengali into your translated documents or web pages, you may well have encountered a few problems. The most likely reason for issues involves text that has been written and stored in something other than Unicode. What’s Unicode you say? Read on to discover a brief history of text’s relationship with computers….

Read more

Helping you sell online, Translation Infographic

Translation Infographic: Helping you Sell On-line

Translation is typically one of the last things businesses think of when marketing their products. But what cannot be overstated is how gigantically important it is if you want to market and sell that same product abroad. Here’s a translation infographic containing a few facts and figures about international selling. They just might give you some ideas about how you can employ translation to boost your sales abroad.

Read more

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