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Translators’ Associations and Organisations

The benefits of joining a professional trade association have been well documented, not least by me. I am a director of the Association of Language Companies and the positives the organisation has given me far out weighs the cost.

Here is a list of translator associations and organisations listed by region.


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Cheese rolling

Unusual Festivals From Around the World

The world can be a strange place, take a look at some of these unusual festivals taking place all around planet Earth. There’s are so many more, so if you’ve been to, or know of, any we’ve missed let us know in the comments at the end and we’ll set about building the greatest bucket list of weird and wonderful celebrations…

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Minion Language

The ‘Language’ Behind the Minions

Parents still reeling from the decimation of sanity caused by the soundtrack to ‘Frozen’ will be all too aware of a new plague, as the childless amongst us laugh uncomprehendingly at their misfortune. It is known to a generation as Minionese – the virtually-incoherent language spoken by those googly-eyed yellow chaps, introduced to an unprepared world by the 2010 movie ‘Despicable Me’. The internet is abuzz with Minionese-English dictionaries; and this is exactly how it would have started with Klingon, if there were high speed internet in the 1970s. Should we fear, or embrace, this new language?

We may have little choice. Now they have become the stars of their own self-titled, full-length movie, the Minions are more inescapable than ever. In the movie we learn that they have served many masters the world over, so it makes a bit more sense that they couldn’t be held to just one earthly language. Read more

How to Translate a TV Show

Translating a TV show is harder than it looks. A good show has to resonate with viewers. The challenge is making that happen across different languages and cultures. Like other types of translation, translating TV shows involves a series of tough choices. Read more

7 Times Translation Changed History

How important is translation in history? History is made when different cultures collide, and the art of translation has played a key behind-the-scenes role in shaping historical events. In fact, here are seven examples of translations that changed the course of history:

#1 The Vulgate Bible

horned MosesThe Bible has been translated hundreds of times as Christianity spread across the globe. The historical consequences are immeasurable. The Bible has inspired wars, conquest and crusades, as well as acts of charity and courage. Probably the most important Biblical translation dates back to 382 AD. In that year, the Pope Damasus I commissioned St. Jerome to translate the Old and New Testaments into Latin from the original Greek and Hebrew texts. The resulting work became known as the Vulgate. For a thousand years, it was the only version of the Bible that most Christians ever encountered. Read more

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