An Irish Message from Space

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It was one small tweet for a man, but one giant leap for Irish on Monday, when the language was used in space for the first time.

The milestone came courtesy of Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, an avid Twitter user who has also been honing his photography skills from the International Space Station.

On Monday night, he tweeted a gorgeous photo of Dublin from space, captioned with the following text:

For those of you who don’t speak Irish, according to the BBC that roughly translates to “Ireland is so very beautiful.” Irish speakers immediately showered the astronaut with praise. Here are some examples:

Commander Hadfield responded, again with a snippet of Irish:

The astronaut doesn’t actually speak Irish, but he does have a daughter who lives in Dublin.

His son, Evan Hadfield, told the BBC that composing the Irish tweets was a family affair, saying “My sister and the internet combined to make sure we weren’t saying something wrong or offensive.”