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Hand Signals Around the World

Do you talk with your hands? Many people do. In fact, some researchers claim that up to 70% of human communication is accomplished through body language. Hand signals are a common type of nonverbal communication. But be careful when you’re travelling or addressing someone from another culture. Hand signals aren’t universal, and you might be […]

Shopify’s Localisation Strategies: How Translation and Localisation Fuel Growth

Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce company that helps small businesses and startups sell products online, was founded in 2004. The startup made waves almost instantly and grew 10x in three years. Now that it’s 2019, how have they kept up the momentum? Two words: international expansion. Let’s take a closer look at how Shopify’s localisation strategies […]

5 Common Software Localisation Challenges

These days, if the software you’re selling is in English only, your business is missing out, big-time. Software localisation is more challenging than it appears at first glance, but the potential rewards have never been bigger. Here are five common software localisation challenges and some strategies for solving them. Software Localisation Challenge #1: Context and […]

Time Management and Punctuality Around the World

Cultural differences affect all areas of life: everything from what we eat, to what we wear, to how we speak to each other.  They also affect how we view time, deadlines and punctuality.  So, here’s a practical guide to time management and punctuality around the world. Time Management and Punctuality In Spain and Latin America […]

Six European Languages That Are Not Indo-European

What does English have in common with Hindi? To the confused English-speaking traveller in India, not much.  But the similarities are there, obvious enough if you look, in words that sound strikingly similar.  That’s because both languages are part of the Indo-European language family. In fact, most of Europe and many parts of Asia speak […]

6 Hilarious Video Game Voice-over Fails 

Video game localisation is an art. Getting the dialogue right is one of the most challenging parts of the job.  For example, check out these six terrible examples of video game voiceovers. From bad translation to goofy accents to poor quality control, these games featured voice acting that made players laugh and cringe, often becoming […]

29 More Hilarious Movie Title Translations

Translating movie titles is a tricky business, and sometimes the original title gets lost in translation. So, let’s play a game. Here are 29 more hilarious movie title translations. Can you guess the original English title? The answers are below the fold! Six Naked Pigs  If You Leave Me, I Delete You  Warm Shots Son […]

10 Hilarious Christmas Translation Fails

Christmas has come and gone. This year, we’re taking a look back and reviewing the funniest Christmas-themed translation fails for your amusement. Sit back, pour yourself a cup of tea, and check out these hilarious Christmas translation errors. Throll the Ancient Yuletide Carol                   It’s the most wonderfully […]