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Six European Languages That Are Not Indo-European

What does English have in common with Hindi? To the confused English-speaking traveller in India, not much.  But the similarities are there, obvious enough if you look, in words that sound strikingly similar.  That’s because both languages are part of the Indo-European language family. In fact, most of Europe and many parts of Asia speak […]

6 Hilarious Video Game Voice-over Fails 

Video game localisation is an art. Getting the dialogue right is one of the most challenging parts of the job.  For example, check out these six terrible examples of video game voiceovers. From bad translation to goofy accents to poor quality control, these games featured voice acting that made players laugh and cringe, often becoming […]

29 More Hilarious Movie Title Translations

Translating movie titles is a tricky business, and sometimes the original title gets lost in translation. So, let’s play a game. Here are 29 more hilarious movie title translations. Can you guess the original English title? The answers are below the fold! Six Naked Pigs  If You Leave Me, I Delete You  Warm Shots Son […]

10 Hilarious Christmas Translation Fails

Christmas has come and gone. This year, we’re taking a look back and reviewing the funniest Christmas-themed translation fails for your amusement. Sit back, pour yourself a cup of tea, and check out these hilarious Christmas translation errors. Throll the Ancient Yuletide Carol                   It’s the most wonderfully […]

Translation Fails in Animation: 5 Cartoons that Got Lost in Translation 

Around the world, kids (and kids at heart) have a soft spot for cartoons. However, just because animation is usually aimed at children, that doesn’t mean translating it is child’s play. Translation fails in animation can be caused by carelessness or sheer cultural differences.  In some cases, censorship or overly aggressive localization can also leave […]

How Translation Encourages Tolerance

16 November is the International Day for Tolerance. Since 1996, the UN has celebrated the International Day for Tolerance with the aim of fostering “respect and appreciation of the rich variety of our world’s cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human.” This year, the focus is on reducing intolerance towards refugees and […]

How Transcription and Translation Preserves Our Audiovisual Heritage

Did you know that 27 October was the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage?  The goal of this observance is to “raise general awareness of the need to preserve and safeguard important audiovisual material for future generations.” “Audiovisual heritage” can include anything from movies to TV to radio broadcasts. UNESCO calls these “the primary records of the […]