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Schools in Irish Translation Debate

The 11-plus examination is the entrance test for Grammar Schools. In Northern Ireland they are debating as to whether or not an Irish translation of the exam should be provided. According to the BBC an Irish language education body has requested that all schools provide suitable translations for the test so that it is fair. […]

Danish Language Protection Laws Deemed Unnecessary

The Danish Culture Ministry has announced that there is no need to pass language protection laws in Denmark at this time, but that other steps should be taken to protect the Danish language. According to the Copenhagen Post Online, the announcement marks the conclusion of a special government committee investigation into whether or not the […]

Facebook introduces two new languages

The internet giant Facebook has dramatically increased its target market by introducing Arabic and Hebrew. Many people will now find this social networking website much easier to use. They conquered many problems during the production of the site into these languages including changing the sites layout so that it reads right to left and producing […]

Chicago’s Translation Needs Are Evolving

The city of Chicago in the USA has found that as a new influx of refugees settle in the city their translation needs are increasingly difficult to meet especially in a time of financial crisis. There are growing communities of people from Iran, Burma and Burundi along with a whole host of other nations. New […]