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Medical Translation Guide for Pharmaceutical and Life Science Organisations

This helpful guide is designed for anyone involved in producing documentation or communications in the medical device, pharmaceutical or life sciences sectors. Specifically, this guide focuses on: • Medical translation regulations • Medical device translation regulations • Pharmaceutical translation regulations • Patient privacy and security • The medical translation process • Medical translation gone wrong […]

5 Inspiring TED Talks About Translation

If you’re looking for inspiration or a new perspective on a particular topic, TED Talks are a fantastic resource. If you’re not familiar with TED, it’s an organisation that showcases “ideas worth spreading” through conferences that feature short talks from speakers around the world. For your viewing pleasure, here are some of our favourite TED […]

A Brief History of Braille

If you want or need to make your content accessible to everyone in your audience, language alone may not be enough. Braille documents allow the visually impaired and blind to access vital information independently. But where did these raised dots come from? Today, let’s take a  look at the fascinating history of Braille and how […]

Background to labelling of sports foods

Back in 2014, an ad campaign by Lucozade was very eloquently entitled “Lucozade Sport vs Water.” In the video, two groups of athletes, one drinking water and one drinking Lucozade, are doing an endurance running test on a treadmill. Eventually, the “water only” athletes give up one by one, exhausted, while the Lucozade group keeps going […]

The Great K International Bake Off

Along with the entire population of Britain (apparently), we’re getting our ‘bake on’ in homage to the national treasure of a tv show, The BBC’s Great British Bake Off. A big thanks goes out to Sherrien and our sales team, the masterminds who came up with (shamelessly plagiarised) the idea. So without further ado it’s […]

LocWorld28, Berlin Calling

I was thrilled to represent K International at LocWorld28 this year. LocWorld is a major conference for the localization industry, which takes place annually in three locations in North America, Europe and Asia. This was the 28th conference and a welcome return to Berlin, which previously hosted the conference in 2009. Once again LocWorld provided superb […]

Britain and Russia: Celebrating the New Year

The world holds a diverse expanse of cultures, each celebrating and embracing the New Year in different ways. How far does the language of a particular country affect the way in which New Year is celebrated? Popular British cultural makes it possible to refer to someone as a ‘scrooge’, a Dickensian reference to the fact […]