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How Natasha’s Law Will Affect Food Packaging in the UK

It’s official: Environment Secretary Michael Gove has announced a plan to implement  “Natasha’s Law.” The law will offer additional protections to UK food allergy sufferers. If your business sells food products within the UK, these new regulations could affect your business and your labelling procedures. So, here’s a quick primer on the law and what companies […]

Four Ways Language Consultancy Can Supercharge Your International Business

Language is the lifeblood of global businesses.  As a result, you should seek to optimise your organisation’s translation processes just as you would any other business processes. That’s where language consultancy services come in.  Here are four ways language consultancy can supercharge your international business. Language consultancy helps effectively target multilingual and multicultural audiences. Effective […]

7 Types of Interpreting Services (and When to Use Them)

Are you looking for an interpreter?  Different types of interpreting services are available to suit various business needs. If you’re not sure what type you’ll need, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven types of interpreting services and a rundown of when to use each type: Types of Interpreting Services: Simultaneous Interpreting In simultaneous interpreting, […]

8 Important Truths About Copywriting for International Audiences

Copywriting for international audiences is more complicated than you might think at first. Advertising and marketing copy depends on culturally and linguistically-specific factors to motivate the audience to act. For example, clever wordplay is challenging to translate, as is humour. These factors can make it more difficult for international businesses to sell to customers on […]

5 Inspiring Transcreation Examples

How do brands large and small create advertising and marketing campaigns that work just as well in Japan as they do in the UK? When the audiences you’re addressing vary so widely, “one size fits all” marketing just won’t do. Transcreation is the process of recreating and adapting advertising and marketing messages to appeal to audiences […]

How to Win at Multilingual SEO in 2019

What if you threw a party and nobody came? That’s what it’s like to launch a new website when your customers can’t find you. And just because the Google gods have showered your English-language site with lots of organic traffic, that doesn’t mean that the foreign language versions will be equally blessed. Without a sound multilingual SEO […]

Translation Options for Businesses

Crowdsourcing? Machine translation? A language services provider? Which translation option is the right choice for your business? If you need translation help and you’re not sure what your alternatives are, we’re here to help. Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of each of the different translation options for businesses. Asking  a Bilingual Employee Hey, doesn’t […]

The Netflix Guide to World Domination: 5 Localisation Strategies to Steal 

Not content with destroying legacy movie rental services like Blockbuster and convincing millions of people to stop paying for cable TV in the United States, in recent years  Netflix has made international expansion the key to its continued success.  The company operates in over 190 countries, and in 2018 international streaming produced more revenue for […]

How We Support You When Things Go Wrong

Everyone loves to laugh at translation fails, but it’s not quite as funny when your business is on the receiving end of the mockery. It’s even less funny when your products are stuck at a border due to translation errors in labelling and documentation, or when poor translation exposes your organisation to liability issues. To survive […]