Avoid Sunburn and Looking Like a Lobster

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Fancy lying on the beach enjoying the sun and the heat? While it’s freezing cold here in England, you could be on a paradisiac island drinking out of a coconut with absolutely nobody around. Escaping the grey, the noise and the cold is what a lot of people are wishing in secret right now. (well, me anyway!) However, as much as I enjoy the beach and the sun, I hate sunburns… like everybody actually. Have you ever heard someone hoping to look like a walking lobster in town?! Yeah, not really.

Unfortunately, it happens that sometimes, even if you don’t wish for it, you’ve got it. It’s like for Christmas when you ask your mum to buy you the last video game, well, she buys you a weather station to build in plaster instead. (no kidding, this sort of “game” does exist, I’ve got one!) After the stage of disappointment that can last few days I have to admit, you are trying to see the good aspects of it, I mean after all, a nice miniature hand painted weather station can be useful and it can be fun to make.

Apply the same rules with sunburns, so of course it’s very painful at first, your skin might swell a bit too and you can’t walk for a little while (if the sunburns are on your legs) but after few days, if you are lucky, you will have a very nice tan. On another hand, lobsters are pretty hot in their own way such as Larry T. Lobster in SpongeBob. Never heard of him? Well, he is a very muscular lifeguard and popular with the ladies, so here we go! Plus, you might get a job as a “sandwich lobster man” for a fish restaurant or shop. 🙂 Turning your temporary misfortune into money sounds like a great plan to me.

Doesn’t fancy any of these options? Then, time to run to the closest supermarket and buy the best cream you can find…