Badly Translated DVD Covers

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Pretty sure all of these are bootlegs. But they’re funny none the less. Ladies and Gents here are my favourite DVD cover bad translations.

Loin King II.

‘not as good as the first one, but ok’.

50 Fist Dates

Drew Barrymore’s face says it all. That’s the last time she’s using tinder.

Arnie Star Wars

Would have made this movie a million times better with Arnie in it, ‘get to the faaaalcon’.

Jesus Speaks Nigerian

It says broadcast time is up to 3000 minutes. That’s 50 hours! (is that more than the whole of Breaking Bad?).

40 Year Old Virgem

Saving Mr Banks II

aka Freezing Mr Disney.

Metal Man

Sean Connery Vs Who?

Sure some people (not me) would agree with this.

The Matrix Reloaded

With an interesting plot addition.

Lost in Translation

My #1 movie of all time… but its looks different.

The Incredible Hulk

or is that King Kong. Maybe its a mash-up. You wouldn’t like us when we’re angry.