Be the Next Aladdin by Moving to Dubai

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Today, I was thinking about a nice place to live on a long term basis and I don’t know why but I remember stopping over at Dubai on my way to Australia, and suddenly I could feel the heat, admire the palm trees, visualize all these incredible shops and see gold everywhere. I picture myself as the next Jasmine (or Aladdin) living in a sumptuous palace, playing with my own tiger, wearing priceless and colourful outfits or even flying on a magic carpet! Who wouldn’t this kind of life seriously?! In case you are still sceptical and I didn’t convince you already, here are some of the top reasons you should move to Dubai.

Sun all Year

With its 8 to 9 months of sunshine in the year and an average temperature of 20 degrees in the winter, Dubai sounds like the ideal destination to get your perfect tan.

No Tax

No Guys, you are not crazy and you read well…Dubai is a tax free place! I repeat: TAX free!! How come you are still here then?!

Let your Door Open

There are absolutely no worries to let your door open in Dubai as it’s ranked in the top five safest cities to live in the World. Pretty impressive, right? So you can threw your key out of the window, disconnect your electronic alarm and store away your baseball bat. 😉

Enjoy Luxury for a Penny

Compared to other countries around the World, Dubai properties are considered relatively inexpensive, with great value and more luxurious. Don’t wait, sell your British house and buy an Arabic Palace.

Shop like a Princess

Fancy some more dresses and handbags to complete your collection? Just go to the closest shopping mall, Dubai is reputed for its fantastic shopping, so get your credit cards ready!

Stare at the Beauty

With its breath-taking buildings and impressive architecture, from the palm islands to the striking 7 stars Burj al Arab hotel, Dubai is constantly evolving and exceeding the limits of manmade structures. If you want to be blown away, Dubai is definitely the city to be, so book your ticket now and flight to see the world’s tallest building (2, 717 ft.) which officially opened last January this year.

Embrace the Diversity

Very cosmopolitan city with over 100 different nationalities coexisting all together, you will get the chance to meet a bunch of interesting people, learn from other cultures and traditions and open your mind to things you have never imagined.

New York is too crowded, London too rainy, Paris too snobbish and Sydney too windy, that’s why Dubai might be the ideal location to live for the next 40 years, what do you think?