How to Become a Superhero in 6 Steps

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Superheroes have always existed, from Batman to Spiderman, we are used to see them on TV, in movies, comics or on our favourite cereal box. Thanks to movies such as Iron man, Kick Ass, The Incredible Hulk or X-Men, it’s almost impossible not to like these life and world savers, even for the most reluctant of all of us. Always wondered what it would be like to become one of them? Today is your lucky day, by following these quick steps, you are 100% (money back) guaranteed to be the next Superman!

Be ultra-Motivated

That’s the most crucial condition. If you want to become the super hero you have always dreamed of, you need to be ultra-motivated. Why? Well guys, do you think it’s really a question worth asking… You will have to fight the bad guys all day long, and this, for FREE, yeah you heard me, for free, no paycheck at the end of the month, no money, no cash, no peanut, nothing! That’s means that you will have to get a job at your local shop or pub to afford your pasta meals and eventually your rent. Second point, do you have any idea of all the risks you endanger? Well, see James Bond…prepare for worst. If I have only one advice to give you: subscribe to the best healthcare insurance in town!

Sport, sport and more sport!

I guess everything is said in the title. You need to develop muscles and build invincible armour to be able to beat each one of your enemies. I mean, don’t get me wrong, motivation is key but you need to acquire an actual strength, a fit body (plus, don’t forget that you will have to wear tight clothes…) to punch strong, run fast and fly high. So, hit the gym now if you can, the sooner, the better. 🙂

Find the perfect outfit

As you might have already noticed by scrutinizing at your favourite super heroes style, it’s important to look good. Who would have believed that?! You spend your time fighting on roofs, in disaffected factories or in dirty undergrounds and you still need to look fashionable? The answer is yes, you actually do. Sorry guys, old jumpers and crappy shoes are not allowed if you want to save the world on a daily basis. Find your own style, the one that would reflect your personality and particular characteristics, in other words, be you but upgraded with a really cool kick ass outfit!

Invest in a good car

I said car but it can be plane, boat, bike, spaceship or a complete brand new flying machine; what is best for you and your “activity” basically. In fact, you never see superheroes travelling by subway or bus, right? Because you need to preserve your secret identity and don’t want to arrive late for your “world saving” missions,  I strongly recommend not relying on public transport but instead investing in a very powerful, cool and super equipped car. Not only you will show up on time for your duties but you will also avoid traffic jams and annoying people on the road. Win win situation! (on how you gonna afford it…well my friends, you will have to work double shifts at your local supermarket, hard I know but definitely worth every penny)

Create your personal brand

By personal brand, I mean you have to find a good name for yourself and define how you want to be perceived by people. You need to focus on your key assets and make the most of them by telling or showing people why you are the best on the market. Opt for a short, easy to remember and trendy name which would suit with your outfit and the image you wish to create. Don’t go too crazy with supra long name using some indescribable language or alphabets; you want to be exportable worldwide.  But if you just want to be the super hero in the village where your grandma lives, then go for whatever you feel like!

Become rich

So I know what you are thinking right now… in which aspects becoming rich has anything to do with being a super hero? Fair point guys. My turn now, how you gonna afford to buy all the cool stuffs that you need to be the next Batman? (such as a castle to live in, a mega equipped black batmobile or a butler called Alfred) Exactly. That’s why you need to find loads of money, maybe by building a financial empire or inherit from a billionaire uncle. Because working at your local supermarket is never going to make you wealthy, you need to determine a clever strategy to earn some bucks! I’m not sure about which one really, but after all, it’s your role to find out, it’s you who want to become the next big super hero 😉

So, that’s it guys, here is my “super hero kit”. I hope you learnt few things and you are now prepared to take on the world and get rid of all the public enemies.

Ready to be the next Clark Kent?