Bon Apetit!

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Today is not like the others at K, today is the day where we will be sharing many laughs around some fabulous food, exchanging our well wrapped presents, dressing up as the Santa’s little helpers and just enjoy a good time all together. Since this morning 9 am, you can feel the electric atmosphere in the office as each one of us is very excited about this special occasion, everybody placed their Santa secret present in the big box, brought their homemade meal to the kitchen and most important didn’t forget to put a smile on their face. Because Christmas is coming so close now, we decided it was time to organise a lunch to celebrate it all together. In our society, people tend to think that to be part of a family, you need to have the same blood, compatible DNA or identical colour hair…and I won’t say it’s false, but you can also feel part of a family even if you are not actually related to the people.

It feels like this at K, today is the day where you take the time to realise that you are part of a new family, a “work” family if you prefer where the guy sitting in front of his computer next to you could be your brother, your boss your uncle and your other colleagues your cousins, each of them having their own personality and characteristics. Of course, like in each family, we have our disagreements and arguments sometimes but they are just small bumps on the road because at the end we are here supporting each other in the difficult times, overcoming the obstacles together and always do our best to be the most efficient team we can. It’s good to take a break and look back on what we have achieved as a family, from where we started to where we are now, all the challenges we came across and the problems we solved for many other people out there. The journey has been hell of a ride for each of us but we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.

Because we never know what tomorrow is gonna bring, today is the time to be grateful and thank each other for their help and support during the whole year. Today is your day.

“Bon Appetit” to everyone and Happy Holidays!

Ps: watch out…pics coming soon!!