ArjoHuntleigh Case Study

ArjoHuntleigh – Medical Translation

Established in early 2007 through the merger of ARJO and Huntleigh Technology, ArjoHuntleigh brings together two leading corporations in healthcare equipment. Together they create a broad product and solutions portfolio as well as an extensive sales and service network that serves global markets based in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asian regions.

ArjoHuntleigh require medical translation and multilingual typesetting for all their technical product documentation. This covers items such as Medical Beds, Patient Lifters, Hygiene Systems, Therapeutic Surfaces, DVT Prevention, Wound Healing, Disinfection and Diagnostics.

ArjoHuntleigh’s medical translation requirement can range from updates to old equipment manuals, right through to complete translation of a new product’s documentation. The languages required include Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Czech, Romanian, French, German and Arabic to name just a few. Our internal design studio produces unique versions of every manual for each individual medical translation project. We ensure the design message of the original source document is reflected in the resulting translation. By doing this, we enable ArjoHuntleigh to maintain brand continuity regardless of which region their product will be sold.

For every manual localisation we employ a specialist medical translator and proofreader with experience of the healthcare industry. This ensures the translated documents meet stringent local product and legal requirements. Prior to final delivery, every manual is individually validated by ArjoHuntleigh engineers working in the target region, this process is managed within K International by our dedicated multilingual project managers. By doing so, this provides an extra layer of quality control to ensure the language used is accurate and reflects local terminology. Upon completion of this phase, the manual is ready to be printed and shipped alongside the medical product for use by the end user.

Thanks to specially designed processes developed over an extended partnership with ArjoHuntleigh, we continue to supply efficient, reliable, high quality medical translation of all technical manuals. This enables them to ship their product internationally with confidence that end users will be able to fully comprehend the associated documentation.