Tesco Case Study

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Keeping up with legislative requirements


In addition to being a household name in the UK, Tesco has a strong presence in Central Europe, serving millions of customers each week in stores and online.


Kristina Cerna, Lead Artwork Manager for Tesco CE, works from her office in Bratislava to ensure that Tesco’s own-brand food labelling complies with European and local regulations. K International is their chosen partner for translating these food labels into local languages.


“As we’re members of the EU, it is very important that we fulfill the requirements of regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers,” she explains. “There are very specific requirements for different categories of food, and in addition to these, there are local regulations to take into account.”


“Our relationship with K International is quite long-established. Together, we have built up a rich database of terms, words, and phrases that are specific to foods and essential for the legislation. It’s a very smooth process, and the system of communication about any given project is straightforward, user-friendly, and reliable. For example, our technical manager requests a translation and because everyone is connected to the system, a project can’t get lost or delayed. We can work in familiar formats such as Word, and everyone assigned to the project will receive an email that the work is ready to be validated, so it’s pretty simple really – we’re very satisfied.”


“Mostly, projects proceed almost automatically. But on the odd occasion when something has not gone so smoothly, K International has worked hard to sort it out. For example, once we made some technical errors which meant that the ingredients were not formatted correctly, making the information confusing and difficult to work with. K International used their knowledge and professionalism to solve the problem and still managed to translate it perfectly.”


“I would definitely recommend K International to other businesses. They are quick and polite, always friendly and pleasant in their communication and professional in their approach.”


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