Vision RT

Vision RT

Vision RT develops technology for surface guided radiation therapy. It enables technicians to track 3D surfaces in real time, improving the efficiency of clinics and patient safety. For example, the technology particularly benefits left-sided breast cancer treatment by avoiding cardiac damage; it also enhances comfort and speed during treatments to the brain.

As international market leaders in their field, Vision RT have customers all over Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US – and consequently need to provide product information in about thirty different languages. Technical Author Bernadette Rice explains: “Accurate translations for our products are an absolute necessity – in fact, they’re a regulatory requirement. We need a translation partner who helps us to fulfill our obligations accurately and cost effectively.”

“K International have proved excellent in all respects. They’re very good at communicating, keeping us informed about where they are with a project and always meeting our deadlines. As we work in such a niche market, the language we use is often very specialised. K International are good about querying anything they’re unsure of, asking me to explain things so that they can provide high quality copy. I never have to do any reformatting, and I’ve never had negative feedback from any of our customers, which is a good indication that they’re getting it right.”

“In addition to being efficient and timely, K International are extremely professional and business oriented. They pay attention to detail, and they’re always open to negotiation, so we definitely get good value for money – and since accurate translations are a requirement rather than something we commission out of choice, that’s very attractive to us. Having said that, it certainly adds value to our business and our reputation that we provide information in local languages that our customers can rely on.”

“But for me, the stand-out benefit is how accommodating K International are. Would I recommend them to other businesses? Absolutely – and the number one reason is that nothing is too much trouble for them.”

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