VisitBritain case study


VisitBritain is the national tourism agency, a nondepartmental public body, funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. They are responsible for promoting Britain worldwide and developing its visitor economy.

Their mission is to grow the value of inbound tourism to Britain, working with a wide range of partners in both the UK and overseas. They aim to increase visitor spend in all parts of Britain and improve Britain’s appeal as a tourist destination in the eyes of international travellers. Partnering with K International has helped them to achieve the 4 key parts of their strategy

  1. Inspire travellers from overseas to visit and explore Britain.
  2. Use our global network to support the promotion of British tourism overseas.
  3. Advise Government and the industry on tourism issues, particularly affecting our global competitiveness.
  4. Maximise public investment through partner engagement and commercial activity.

The visible part of this support is the multilingual documentation we have developed. We typically translate in to French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese and Portuguese Brazilian. The variety of translated documentation includes; financial information, letters, questionnaires, surveys, information packs on tourist activities, shopping, trading, countryside, heritage sites, travel information either by road, plane, bike or boat, market research, & website translation. The key challenge that the translators face are the style in which the information needs to be provided. Using style guides, a consistent translation team, leading technology and close integration of systems allows us to overcome those challenges.

We have completed numerous projects for VisitBritain since 2007, which has enabled us to develop a strong working relationship and given us a detailed understanding of their requirements and processes. We consistently provide high quality solutions to all of their language requirements, regardless of the delivery schedules.

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