Cash Machines in London go all Cockney

According to the BBC five cash machines in east London will be talking in cockney for the next three months. The cash machines belong to Bank Machine’s ATM’s. Customers will be able to choose Cockney as a language option.

They can expect to see phrases such as ‘please enter you huckleberry Finn’ rather than ‘pin’ and they will have to select how much ‘sausage and mash’ (cash) they want.

Ron Delnevo, the managing director of Bank Machine is quoted as saying, “We wanted to introduce something fun and of local interest to our London machines.”

It’s certainly a novelty and it will be of interest not only to tourists but to residence as well. You can be sure they will have a butcher’s (look) when they are taking out a speckled hen (£10), any trouble and they will have to contact their rattle and tank (bank).

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  1. Nick Ballard
    Nick Ballard says:

    Unfortunately not quite accurate as the original cockney rhyming slang never used the word that rhymed. It was devised so the criminal element could talk and not be understood by the general populationa and the police.
    and guess where I was born!


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