Finding an Alternative to PowerPoint

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In my career I’ve given a lot of presentations (and watched many more)… I tend to use PowerPoint and Keynote…

I’ve tried to make them as visually appealing as I can, I add animations, graphs, charts – you name it. But I think I’ve pushed the medium as far as it will go. And we’ve been using it for over ten years so its gotta be time for a change.

So inspired by Don McMillan I’ve been looking for an alternative for a while now.

The last presentation I did was at an industry conference this month in Kraków Poland and being almost last on the agenda make me speed up my search.

White Board

One of the best ways I found to explain or discuss a topic is when two or more of us get around a white board. We can all interact and we can exchange ideas and thoughts in a productive environment. With this in mind I started to look for alternatives.

And I think I found the perfect solution :).

Prezi is a new sort of presentation platform. Its different from the others as it replicates the feeling of using a whiteboard surprisingly well.

Here are some of things I like about it.

  • Online access (so if you forget your memory stick its ok)
  • Work online with other people
  • Its free
  • No software and therefore runs on both PC and Mac (not sure about iPad)
  • Its very easy to use, after an hour you’ll have created something really cool

Useful links – here you can download prezi desktop, use it online and have a look at what other people have produced.
Prezi’s Education Exchange – Where you can share ideas with people in the same field as you.
Online review of Prezi by techcrunch
And there is a bunch of youtube videos… one of which is here