French Guy in Milton Keynes

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Everyone knows “an English man in New York”, the song of the great singer Sting. As soon as I arrived in Central station of Milton Keynes, this song has echoes in my head. I told myself “I am the French guy in Milton Keynes” who will start an internship for K International. But it’s difficult to compare the two cities and also difficult to compare an English man in NYC whose native language is English and a French guy who arrives in Milton Keynes whose native language is French (especially since we know the reputation of French with English!).

When I arrive in Milton Keynes I was greeted by my internship supervisor named Richard Brooks (general manager of K International). He invited me to a great restaurant and we ate pizzas and drank a beer. Then, he showed me the city centre and surroundings by car.

Milton Keynes was formally designated as a new town on 23 January 1967. Indeed, it’s a very modern city composed of large extent and avenues.

Then we went to K International and Richard Brooks introduced me to the team. They were very welcoming. Liz showed me the basis of her work and I talked with a French lady about practical issues (where was the central station on walk from the company and she showed me the various offices). There is a ground floor (customers prospecting negotiations and marketing department) and a one floor upstairs (translators, project managers, vendor managers and accounts department). I’ll be working in the marketing communication department with Richard Brooks. The missions are to develop the company visibility and acquire more clients using social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and the Blog and Website. For this I’ll be learning some things around information technology (SEO, SEM, landing pages, Joomla and WordPress).

To conclude my first article I want to say I’m very happy to be here and I hope to enjoy this experience. Today it’s my second day in K International so these are my first impressions.

I’ll write another article in the coming weeks to let you know about the impressions of a “French guy in Milton Keynes”!