From Tourist to Real New Yorker… all the secrets.

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Done. You finally booked your 2 weeks holiday direction New York City, Statue of Liberty, Empite State Building, the MET, Soho, Times Square, Central Park… everything is on your list. Ready for a lifetime experience? Oh, wait a minute, I think you just forgot something (no, I don’t mean your favorite wool jumper with the Santa Claus on it!) but the final ingredient to your amazing trip: how to become a real New Yorker.  Let me help you with few tips before taking off.

Secret #1 – Black is the new trend

New Yorkers are fashionable and make sure it stays that way. No colour, no prints or fantasy clothes, so the Hawaiian shirt that you love so much can stay in your wardrobe. (with the Christmas jumper actually!) By wearing black, you will never be wrong; it’s always trendy and will go with everything.

Secret #2 – Always rush in the subway

It’s well- known, the New York subway is always packed, people are rushing, running everywhere like their life depends on which train they gonna catch. Make it your priority too, add a bit of agressivity to the mix and you will be transparent in the crowd, just another citizen.

Secret #3 – Ignore the lights

I don’t even know why there are still traffic lights in New York since nobody respects them. No kidding, cars and cabs appear from nowhere and pedestrians play this famous game called “street crossing”. Not sure what it is? Simple, just ignore the sign “don’t walk” at a zebra crossing and do the opposite. Yeah, it’s a bit dangerous I have to admit, but you signed up for becoming a real New Yorker, right?

Secret #4 – Never look at anybody directly

Warning! This is an important rule, maybe the most crucial one. Never make any eye contact or talk to anyone really. You might want to wear expensive sunglasses too, you know just in case; if you have the choice, opt for Dolce & Gabbana or Gucci. Other alternative, be always with your blackberry checking your emails or talking to someone. In other words, look busy and inaccessible!

Secret #5 – Watch Gossip Girl

For those who don’t know, Gossip Girl is the most famous New York based TV show at the moment recounting the adventures of privilege kids in the Upper East side. If I have just one advice to give you, watch the complete series. You will learn a lot from what it’s like to live in the Big Apple, where to go, what to wear, which coffee to drink, how to act in public or during special events. So sure, there are all rich and beautiful but I guess a show with the opposite wouldn’t attract that much. Filter the important informations and chuck the rest. 🙂

Ready to be the next New Yorker?