Greek Translator

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Last Christmas, I was at Luton Airport waiting for my flight for Paris…but unfortunately it was cancelled at the last minute. Great! No planes flying to Paris for a week, so at this point, I had 2 choices: I could resign myself and spend the holiday by myself in England or I could try to make it.

On a 24th of December, you can imagine that it seemed like an impossible mission, you aren’t wrong; it was such a challenge to get to France. Everything was fully booked or amazingly expensive, so I decided to jump into a bus going to London and improvise from there!

On board, I met 2 really funny Greek guys who were trying to make it to Paris too. We were supposed to be on the same plane but same as me, they were stuck in Luton with no Plan B. I have to admit that their English was hard to understand…I wish a Greek Translator would have been traveling with us!

In case you find yourself in the same situation as me one day, don’t wait and call us, we will connect you in less than 60 seconds with a real Greek translator!

For those who wonder if I did make it to Paris this day and had the chance to share a good dinner with my family on Christmas Eve…just drop me a line in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to tell you the rest of my story 🙂