10 Food packs we DIDN’T translate

10 food packs we didn't translate
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Translating food packaging isn’t easy – we should know because we do over a thousand products a week. These guys have got it so wrong its funny but could you imagine your product on shelf saying something stupid in a different language? Nor could we, give us a call and we’ll sort it out for you.

For now… here are the top ten disasters we’ve seen this week. In no particular order…

Biscuit Anyone?

anyone fancy a buscuit?

Interesting Target Market

yum! soup for sluts

It says its a classic?


Peruvian Man Goo

man goo

Pass the Nachos!

dip dip dip

Fancy a cuppa? (erm, no thanks)

pee pee tea

Guaranteed fresh

dog, cats, anything

No idea what this is?


Are they nuts?

are they pork scratchings?

Last but not least

I think you can get a cream for that?



If these failures in design start to make you think about how seriously your business takes translation, maybe you should take a look at our specialist services for food retailers or look at our ultimate guide to international labelling.