K International.com is 20 years old today!

k international.com is 20 years old today
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Today marks another milestone in K International’s digital journey: it’s been 20 years since we launched our very first website. Rich (our glorious leader) covered some of the history and the various designs we’ve been through a couple of years ago for our 18th, you can check out that post right here for some nostalgia. It’s been nearly 4 years now since we migrated to WordPress and I’m pleased to say we’ve gone from strength to strength since that day back in December 2013.

We’ve always believed in trying to communicate the value of translation, our audience and customers don’t really care that we have 1000’s of translators that are skilled in hundreds of languages. They care about what translation enables them to achieve. To quote the famous line “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole”, hopefully, that mentality comes across in the content we share with the world.

We need to thank a lot of people who helped us get this far: the management team here that saw the promise of investing in the worldwide web early on, the various in-house designers that have contributed to the different iterations of the site over the years and the staff and writers that come up with all the ideas for articles and other content on the site. Most of all though, it’s a big thank you to you, our audience of customers, translators, language aficionados and general web surfers that have made this site such a success. Back in 2013, we had about 5,000 visitors each month. With your help, we’ve grown that figure to nearly 100,000 monthly visitors.

Thank you!

So to celebrate let’s take a look back at some of the most successful pieces from the WordPress generation of K International.com:

What are the top languages to learn?

Originally posted back in 2015, we update this post every year to reflect how the demand for different languages has changed. It’s a firm favourite of our audience.

Can’t I just use Google Translate?

Ahhh this classic was one of the first posts on our new site and still a popular topic to this day!

Translation at the UN

It’s a newbie but a goodie posted just a couple of months ago in June 2017.

Food packs we didn’t translate!

We’re not just about the serious stuff here at K International and we like to make our audience laugh. That’s what this post about horrendous food packaging does so well. Another one of our very first posts on the new K International.com.


Translating Culture!

Although we like a laugh, we know our stuff when it comes to translation! This post from May 2017 has been a hit with both businesses and translators.

Why Translation is important in an English Speaking World?

A post from last year, this is another favourite of the translation community.


What does Lorem Ipsum mean?

A question a lot of designers and other creative professionals have asked themselves, here’s the answer in the from of our article originally posted back in March, 2014.


Fun facts about Chinese New Year!

This one’s been helping school kids with their homework for years (even since before the new site launched)! Another popular post that gets an update every year!

Translating Justice!

Now this one’s brand new this month but has already been super popular on Social media!

…Last but certainly not least, it’s our Home Page!

That’s right, it’s the gateway to the best language services for businesses all over the world!

Thank you all again for making this site what it is and supporting us for the last 20 years, we hope you’ve all enjoyed our stories! Here’s to keeping you up to date with the serious and entertaining world of language for another 20 years!