Swanbourne 2014

Taking on the Swanbourne Endeavour

All cash goes to Translators Without Borders

On Sunday 19th October 2014 “The K Team” are suffering the Swanbourne Endeavour to help raise funds for TRANSLATORS WITHOUT BORDERS.

A brave (and some might say crazy) team from K International are taking part in the 2014 Swanbourne Endeavour – a gruelling 10 km cross-country endurance challenge where we will find ourselves wading through streams, climbing over haystacks, jumping through fire, crawling under barbed wire….and best of all, getting caked in lots of mud!

But it’s not just for fun, we are raising money for Translators without Borders. They are a fantastic non-profit organisation who give important aid groups the platform to connect directly with professional translators, breaking down the barriers of language and building up the transfer of crucial information. In crisis-situations language barriers can cost lives, aid groups face a mission-critical challenge in disseminating knowledge in the language of those who desperately need it.

Help us reach our muddy goal by sponsoring our intrepid team of nutters. As Translators without Borders are based in the USA, we are using Razoo to collect donations in US dollars.  Click the big razoo button and pledge cash in aid of a great cause >>>

Online fundraising for The K Team take on the Swanbourne Endeavour

Here’s an example of Translators Without Borders latest work, a poster about Ebola in Swahili. This work saves lifes.

Translated Ebola Poster



Here are some pictures of our previous endeavours. It’s a great event.

The result from Swanbourne last year

Half of last year’s team just after the event.

in the mud

Paul on the last mile

one mile to go Paul is still strong


Rich in the first pond

party on

come on… let’s do this


helping each other out

cold water

this water was freezing

clean the gopro

cleaning the gopro half way round

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  1. […] If you’re a translator, you can volunteer to help here.  They are looking for the following languages: Arabic, Pashto, Dari, Farsi and Greek.  If you aren’t a translator, they also accept donations. This is a first-rate organisation that K International has always been proud to support. […]

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