K International’s Student Linguist Program

k internationals student linguist programme
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Here at K International, we pride ourselves on our commitment to supporting the next generation of linguists, to achieve this we set up a comprehensive student placement scheme that lasts between 3 & 6 months. The aim of this program is to give language students a competitive edge in the job market. We offer future linguists the opportunity to immerse themselves in a professional translation environment, where they can put the skills they’ve learned into practice. The placements also provide students with the opportunity to develop key industry knowledge in areas such as project management, CAT tool operation and insights into the day to day workings of a modern Language Service Provider.

In addition to these core skills, K International places great emphasis on developing the student’s personal attributes such as ethics, self-discipline and team work.

Our latest student, Valentine Madignier, has just completed the program. Valentine is a student at the Université Catholique de Lyon in France and this is her feedback on the K International placement scheme…

Did the placement meet your expectations?

Yes, the  3 months placement at K International definitely met my expectations because as a student I have learnt so much from it.  I discovered many concepts and ideas that I did not know before. I am now aware of some of the translation industry’s golden rules, Dos and Don’ts but also important criteria to take into account at all times such as language combinations, the various rates, availability and quality of translators, as well as the deadline and the expectations of clients.

How did this placement help you grow professionally/personally?

First of all, from a professional point of view, this student placement at K International, contributed to give me something really important (which I had been waiting for for a long time): a more concrete vision of translation business and all the jobs related. Also thanks to this incredible experience I became aware of the variety of jobs possible when it comes to working in a translation company. Moreover, it also brought me so much at a personal level, in terms of discovery, knowledge and skills.

What aspects of the placement were the most beneficial to you?

My placement contributed to incredible personal fulfilment. My passion for languages has reached its maximum while working at K International. On top of that, the possibility of discovering project management sector as well as new tools such as the company’s Wiki or software (XTRF and memoQ) was a complete discovery with lots of benefits. Personally speaking, I understood the importance of a deadline in the translation industry and for every single project I was in charge of, the deadline was always my personal challenge since I always had difficulties with time management. I knew how to speed up when it was required.

Would you recommend us to your tutor & fellow students?

Yes, obviously. My experience at K International helped me understand better why I was studying and gave me a concrete vision of translation business. It was a way for me to be even more convinced that translation industry is definitely the sector I want to discover as much as possible and I hope one day being part of it and I think that, as a student, this is an important and precious feeling.

Would you be interested in developing your skills with us?

Definitely, as a first-year student, it would be an honour.


If you are a language student who’s interested in developing your knowledge of the translation industry, you are welcome to contact us at the following email address student.placement@k-international.com. We only have a limited number of places available each year so it’s advisable to contact us well in advance.