Learning a Language? There's an App for That!

When you’re trying to learn a new language, practice makes perfect.  How many times have you said to yourself, “I would love to learn another language in my spare time?” Since many of us lead very busy lives, finding that spare time to practice and learn can be challenging. However, if you have a smartphone, there are plenty of apps available that give you the opportunity to practice on the go.

Here’s a list of some of the better apps available for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices:

•    WordPower (iPhone and Android): WordPower helps you learn new vocabulary in one of several   languages, teaching you the “core” 2000 words most important words you need to communicate. You can read foreign vocabulary, listen to native pronunciation, then give it a go yourself. You can also record yourself to see how your pronunciation measures up.
•    24/7 Tutor (iPhone): Learn Spanish, French, Italian or German with this collection of iPhone apps. Learn vocabulary, listen to native speakers and track your progress with quizzes.
•    Byki (iPhone): According to their website, Byki helps you learn a new language especially quickly because it “hacks” into your memory and fills it with foreign words and phrases.” Interesting…
•    GidRapid (Blackberry): GidRapid makes language learning apps for the Blackberry in a variety of different European languages, featuring flash cards, word lists and quizzes.
•    CardLingo Language Flash Cards (Android): This app lets you type in new words and phrases as you learn them, then turns them into flash cards that you can review anywhere.

There are so many apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry that this list doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s available.

So, next time you’re waiting in line somewhere, why not find an app you like and start learning another language?

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  1. Liliana
    Liliana says:

    I am Liliana, host of SpanishPod.
    We offer lessons at different levels; from Newbie to Advanced. We also have videos like Cooking with Tabasco, and La Clave, SpanishPod’s video grammar review. We have extra shows like Del Taco al Tango, a cultural tour Latin America to find out about customs, food, and regional slang, among other topics. We have a question and answer show Pa’ que sepas and news and features show called ¿Qué pasa?
    We also have a great iphone app! it’s free!

  2. Carolina
    Carolina says:

    Hola, I work for Miniature Studios, the developers of the Bueno, entonces… Learn Spanish program.

    The program was initially developed for the iPhone & iPod and it was such a great success that they now sell the DVD and the instant download version. It’s not a translation tool but a set of 30 classes 35 minutes each with a lot of content. A real immersion to Spanish.

    Check it out!


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