Have You Seen Our New Look?

Have You Seen Our New Look
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Have you seen our new look?

If you haven’t already, you’ll soon notice some changes to our website, our social media accounts and our communications with our clients. We’re transforming our brand to better express our company values and to better align with the future of global communications.

Here’s the inside scoop on what’s changing, and why.

K International has been in business over 30 years, and during that time we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of organisations and individuals with their translation, interpreting and localisation projects.  We’ve also had a number of brand identities which evolved over the years as we evolved.  Today we say goodbye to our monochrome logo and replace it with an identity which reflects who we are:

Brand Marque Story

The circle represents the globe, indicating that we operate internationally.

The speech bubble within the circle represents communication, and placed on the globe, shows that we help organisations and individuals around the world with their communication projects.

Encased within the globe and speech bubble is our company name initial.

Below is our new, full-sized logo. A second speech bubble within the letter ‘o’ represents two-way communication,  something we are very proud of.  We help you talk with the world.

Have You Seen Our New LookTogether, these changes demonstrate our commitment to helping organisations of all sizes communicate with a global audience.

What’s not changing? Our commitment to providing our clients with unparalleled service and expert advice.

As always, we are happy to help with any communication project you may have.  Contact us at info@k-international.com or by phone at 01908 557900.