The MK Midnight Moo Charity

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K International takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. We believe all business has an inherent responsibility to its staff, its partners, the environment and the community that goes way beyond the creation and sustainability of profits.

We support as many charities as we can. We run for cancer research, we make cakes and sell them for the British Red Cross, we provide free design for a local youth charity and we support local charities.

Last week, Phillipa Trimnell, one of the K International completed the MK Midnight Moo for Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes.

Here is her story:

“It is midnight on a Saturday and most people are either out having a good time or tucked up nice and warm in bed.

Instead of being one of those sensible people, I decided, along with over 1700 other women, to walk 10 miles around Milton Keynes to raise money for Willen Hospice. The name of the walk was the ‘Midnight Moo’, so of course grass green t-shirts, with the face of a cow on the front and back, were compulsory – a great fashion statement for all involved.

We all started off in high spirits from Midsummer Place with lots of people cheering us on and a great party atmosphere. The first 6 miles were relatively easy, and chewing the cud with some nice carrot cake to fortify us at the re-registering point, we trotted on. Every couple of minutes or so, the marshals and other members of the public (and a team of firemen, which definitely cheered up a lot of the ‘herd’!) were out supporting us and cheering us on, which kept us going.

As this was a walk in Milton Keynes, walking past the concrete cows was a must, and quite a ‘moo-vellous’ sight, all lit up in the dark. The last two miles were the worst; our hooves were rather sore, especially as it was mostly up-hill. However, as soon as we saw the blue lights of Midsummer Place we were able to give it one last push and made it in 3 hours and 32 minutes – a very respectful time – and I also managed to beat my target of raising £150 for such a great charity and aim now aiming for £200.

A big thank you to everyone who supported me.”