The World’s Sexiest Languages

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You already knew that learning another language can help keep you sharp and stave off dementia. But did you know that it might also help you get a date? Rocket Languages, an online language learning company, recently commissioned a survey to unearth the world’s sexiest languages. Let’s take a look at the findings.

French Really is the Language of Love

According to the Atlantic, the survey pool consisted of 5,000 Rocket Languages users from around the world. 1,300 of the respondents were American.

Out of that group of 5,000, 41% declared French to be the sexiest language. 15% chose Italian, and 15% chose Spanish. From the results, it seems that French really is “the language of love.” 

But why is that, really? Sure, it’s a “Romance” language, but that just means it evolved from Latin, not that it’s inherently “romantic.” One reason French has acquired such a seductive reputation over the years is that the language has such a musical sound to it.

Of course, Italian also has a musical (dare I say sexy?) sound. So why is French ranked so much more highly? According to Marilyn Yalom, who wrote How the French Invented Love, culture is the other piece of the puzzle:

“Culture is very, very strong. In France, you have 900 years of romantic love going back to the troubadours and minstrels that wrote stories of Lancelot and Guinevere. You have gallantry at the highest level.”

And with language lessons like this one (see video below… “yes yes I’ll call you back kisses kitten”) its no wonder we’re all in love with the French.

Being Bilingual Is Sexy

A few more tidbits: 79% of respondents said that being able to speak another language fluently makes you appear more attractive, no matter what language it is. Even if you’re not bilingual, you may be in luck if you speak English — it was ranked as the 4th sexiest language!

Looking for love this Valentine’s Day? Head on over to Rocket Languages to learn how to say some cheesy pickup lines in French, Italian and Spanish!

Or, if you just want to say “I love you,” we’ve got you covered in 25 languages!

The Top Ten

CNN recently conducted a facebook poll to find out what languages (accents really) people think are the sexiest. In this order here is the list at the moment.

  1. Trinidadian
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Italian
  5. British Oxford
  6. British English
  7. Australian
  8. Irish
  9. Brazilian Portuguese
  10. Nigerian

In last place with five votes is Mironesian. Have never heard it so can’t comment (I’m sure its lovely).

What language do you think is sexiest?