Translating for Tesco

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Agnieszka works at K International. It was her first full day at Tesco yesterday.

It’s her job to oversee all of the client communication between K International and Tesco. No small feat as we help over a dozen different departments within Tesco to translate their documentation, packaging, websites and whatever else they need. Its all managed by our online translation management engine TrackLingua (and obviously Agnieszka and her team).

There are lots of translation projects at the moment. One of the key ones we’re preparing for is the integration of the new Food Information Regulation (FIR) guidelines into our translation memories. This will help us to translate the food packaging for Tesco and align it with the FIR guidelines well before the 2014 deadline. We’ve actually been working on this behind the scenes for the last few months to stress test our systems and make sure the additional translation resources were online. Pleased to say that it will and we’re ready.

We now have five members of the team with full-time access to Tesco. Its a very dynamic working environment and this allows us to really integrate our own operations with that of our client’s. We have weekly face to face meetings to discuss all things translation (codenamed Tesco Tuesday) and through this continuous feedback we’ve managed to tailor our service and portal to exactly match their needs.

We’re very happy to be helping one of the UK’s largest businesses operate in non-English speaking regions around the world.