Translation Infographic: Helping you Sell On-line

Translation Infographic Helping you Sell On-line
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Translation is typically one of the last things businesses think of when marketing their products. But what cannot be overstated is how gigantically important it is if you want to market and sell that same product abroad. Here’s a translation infographic containing a few facts and figures about international selling. They just might give you some ideas about how you can employ translation to boost your sales abroad.

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For a direct example of how translation can make or break a brands sales abroad you need not look further than how Louis Vuitton compares against rival Prada in international reputation and Sales. We recently wrote an article about the importance of localizing luxury brands and what you can do to improve your chances of success.

K International are one of the UK’s leading business translation suppliers, you can learn more from our dedicated service page.  We support numerous high street brands and corporations in developing their international presence, via the medium of global communication. If you would like more information about how our services can help you achieve your multinational goals, contact us today.

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